OGEN Infosystem: Marking your Presence Online with Higher Productivity and ROI

Abhijeet Jha & Ankita Priyam,Co-Founders & Directors

Abhijeet Jha & Ankita Priyam

Co-Founders & Directors

For any business to survive the one thing that they really need to work upon is establishing a reputation which is impeccable. With the world showing a paradigm shift from analogue to digital platforms, the way people interact with businesses has also changed dramatically over the past few years. People are hooked to their devices most of the time and there is no getting around the fact that digital marketing is the best way to reach out the targeted customers. Only a sharp digital marketing agency can sense such developments and lead the brand with up-to-date digital and social technologies. Established in early 2011, OGEN Infosystem inherits the latest advancements and offers a gamut of innovative digital marketing strategies in tune with the requirements of today’s businesses.

A top notch web design company, OGEN Infosystem takes an integrated approach towards creating highly engaging websites and brand-focused creative solutions. OGEN carries out persuasive and result-oriented strategies that are backed by latest
technologies and an in-depth research. The firm’s broad research comprises of careful examination of the client’s website, back-connection portfolio investigation, catchphrase lookup and contender investigation. This exploration is then used to lay out a reasonable and effective campaign to promote the website and increase the website traffic. Abhijeet Jha, Co- Founder and Director of OGEN Infosystem says, “OGEN Infosystem offers business promotion for Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content marketing and Video Marketing under digital marketing offerings. To achieve more accurate and promising results, we use Alexa and Moz tool for competitor and keywords analysis and client website ranking. Also, Google analytics is used for measuring CPC, CPR, CTR, CAC, number of impressions, and impressions per click and so on. At OGEN Infosystem, we customize the website features as per the business’ requirement, identifying sources from where our clients can get direct leads such as click to call function, enquiry form submission and pop-up boxes with offers, among others.”

Digital marketing strategies boost a company’s business efforts to capture a share in growing and very lucrative online marketplace through a number of technology driven processes. In this entire project process, a thorough understanding of client’s objectives and requirements is an unavoidable part, which many peer digital marketing agencies fail to do. From OGEN Infosystem, a customer can expect a complete online and digital
marketing assistance that will plot the business' exceptional way to succeed on the web. “Ours is a client-centric organization where we spend a good amount of time in understanding the brand and their business requirement. Our unique methodology includes identifying keywords that have high search potential and traffic, spotting competitor who is winning in those keywords, developing website with SEO friendly URL through complete On-Page SEO process and conducting Off-Page SEO process by first targeting both long tail and short-tail keywords based on local areas, city, state and country,” explains Abhijeet. OGEN Infosystem is celebrated for creating SEO-friendly and content-friendly websites that bring better results in SEO and online promotion with less effort. The company develops unique content for all projects and brings websites at top searches in different search engines that help the clients to get more visitors with more leads.

OGEN Infosystem’s unique customer-centric approach has fetched them above 500 clients including Shivam Enterprise, REGA Consultancy, Mera, Dizzart Decor, FlipTrip, TravelMagzine, Trulabz Technologies, Futurerides and Ciggywala. Gathering over eight years’ of experience in the IT industry and with an ISO 9001:2015 certification and many awards, today, OGEN Infosystem has grown to 1000+ Customer, & Achieving 10-15 percent growth year-by-year without any funding. Looking forward, the firm aspires to focus on business expansion and Neuro-marketing and other latest trends in the industry.