Office24by7: Offering Easily Configurable IVR Solutions for Ensuring Unparalleled Customer Engagement Experience

  Naveen Kumar Pasula,    Managing Director  & CEO
Naveen Kumar Pasula, MD & CEO

The fact that 83 percent of customer’s steer clearof a company after a negative experience withan IVR system, showcases the instrumental role it plays and the importance of choosing the right one. Office24by7 offers such immaculate IVR solutions that are most comprehensive and automate entire inbound call flow to deliver the best customer experience. This Hyderabad-based company revolutionized communication automation by empowering its clients to custom design the call flow with drag & drop features on the fly, which facilitates even small and big organi-zations to set up their own call flow without any technical expert.

Extraordinary Features
Office24by7 provides on-premise, cloud, shared and dedicated solutions on a single platform. From organizing the incoming calls effectively to routing to the right department using ACD, its IVR solutions modernize inbound communication. Unlike other IVR solutions, it provides unlimited scalability and mapping of multiple numbers, agents, managers & departments. Virtual number for inbound calls can be selected online, either it’s landline, mobile or
toll-free. “Our clients can set call
routing parameters easily by themselves which can route calls through a virtual number to your own business number. Our IVR can secure your business familiarity by intelligently routing calls landed on your business number to a virtual number and manage flow,” explains Naveen Kumar Pasula, MD & CEO, Office24by7. This IVR also allows call forwarding to personal numbers and when a call is dropped, mobile notifications for the same is forwarded to agents as well.

"Our IVR can secure your business familiarity by intelligently routing calls landed on your business number to a virtual number and manage flow"

What keeps its IVR solutions a cut above the rest is its extraordinary features (integration of Text-to-Speech Voice & own recorded voice, Black Listing & White Listing and APIs for any third-party CRM integrations & so forth) and innovative customization. The unique benefits clients derive from its add-on solutions include Sticky Agent (allows to route the call to previously attended agent), Automated Response over SMS, Email & Voice (also available in regional languages), Advanced level Calendar(enables agents organize better), Internal Chat & Conference, Default CRM Integration and Customizable Dashboards among others. Any number of comprehensive reports with detailed analytics category wise can be extracted and the entire call flow system & individual agent performance can be accessed.

Furthermore, features like Hierarchy-wise Monitoring, Agent
Call Tracking, Internal Call Transferring and Conferencing eases an agent’s work and provides easy monitoring facility to managers. Office 24by7 custom designs the IVR solutions to ensure exceptional customer experience and most competitive prices with zero call drop, as it develops the technologies on open source techno-logies where no certification is required. This makes its IVR solutions accurate, reliable and cost-effective.

The Road Ahead
Offce24by7 takes great pride in its team, which is full of ever-hungry-to-learn and passionate individuals who are determined to give their best to make its products class apart from the rest. Its research team continuously monitors the evolving automation technologies to fine tune the IVR solutions. Office24by7 is bringing AI and Data Science together to device IVR solutions that will address the customer pain points, improve the agent performance and catalyse several other far-reaching consequences in the automation arena.

Consistently recording a high growth rate since its inception in 2012, Office24by7 recorded an impressive 200 percent growth last year over the previous year. Catering to more than 3,000 clients, the company targets to reach a client base of 10,000 in the next two years with more advanced automation tools. “Our IVR solutions and robust CRM solutions are of a new class, which help to take control of internal & external communication and to automate the entire office routines for a better organized smart office,” concludes Naveen.