OASYS: Empowering Digitally Informed Indian Citizens

Not many innovations are as glamorous as large, colorful digital displays. Probably the reason why digital display boards get a lot of heads turned on the streets. Driven by the Internet of Things technologies, applications in the digital signage industry are expanding rapidly. A portion of the credit can be given to the fact that the capabilities for delivering rich imagery and engaging content have taken great leaps, technologically. More so, the potential applications for digital signage have taken off, fueled by those new capabilities, and lower costs for high definition displays. However, the most crucial factor driving the need for IoT based Outdoor Digital Signage solutions is an increased need for on-the go information. It still continues to spur the development of methodologies for delivering that information.

Based out of Chennai, OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited is a 17+ year old system integration organization focused on Energy, eGovernance and IT consulting services. With 800+ resources and state-of-the-art infrastructure in Chennai, OASYS builds solutions and products to deliver customer delight and do business easier. OASYS makes significant investments to develop new IoT products (ODS, GreenCop for ATM) contributing to the Digital India initiative.

OASYS specializes in IoT Products to help customers transform their businesses' work processes with data and cloud computing. For every idea to develop a new IoT Product or scale up the business with IoT, OASYS has the adequate experience in building market changing IoT applications that serve different business verticals. OASYS has built a suite of IoT solutions that enables users to securely connect smart things, manage and analyze data, save and ultimately transform each and every business. Outdoor Digital Signage(ODS) is a flagship IoT product of OASYS Cybernetics. The IoT offerings
KR Illangovan ,Chairman & Managing Director are a part of OASYS' endeavor to remain the new generation enterprise, dedicated to delivering superior Energy Management and Information Technology solutions. With a GPS based advertisement medium, OASYS' ODS targets autos, taxis, buses, train, railway stations and airport. The solution provides realtime advertisements through android based displays and facilitates a dedicated web interface to manage advertisements, customers and operations. Over the Air data update, live city specific news, general info & statutory warnings, and Voice based announcements (buses, trains etc)are some of the options that OASYS built displays have.

The IoT offerings are a part of OASYS' endeavor to remain the new generation enterprise, dedicated to delivering superior Energy Management and Information Technology Solution

OASYS' team of expert engineers work collaboratively to evenly contribute to the development of an IoT project and efficiently integrate technologies, processes and data to develop the user & mission specific vision of clients thereby creating the demand in the market. OASYS teams up with clients to analyze their business needs, their idea behind the scale up and determine the potential targets to build a scalable solution. OASYS adapts to the latest in digital trends in order to develop the best plan for value addition in IoT products for its clients. OASYS Cybernetics is a one of the leading organizations strictly focused in nation building process, through Project Management and System Integration. Partnering with the Government of India, by providing technical services and solutions, OASYS' mission is to ensure that every citizen is a part of the Digital India.