NWDCo: Powering Your Business via Cloud

Maulik Gordhandhas,Director"Have you considered turning your hobby into a business? No better way to wake up than to love what you do," so said Melonie Dodaro, an international social media speaker, consultant and trainer.

NWDCo has become a different kettle of f sh in the realm providing an array of products and services powered by the cloud platform to its customers spread across India and U.S.

This precisely reflects the journey of Nishir Gordhandas, CEO, NWDCo who conceived the idea of setting-up NWDCo as a college hobby in the year 2001. Constant innovation and much needed push by his brother Maulik Gordhandhas, Director, NWDCo, turned his passion to a successful business. What began as an unpremeditated pursuit today emerged as a niche player offering soup-to-nuts web & IT solutions, hosting and lately Cloud-based services. Sensing the pulse of the market, NWDCo
cropped up with a plethora of products that includes nCloudz – scalable & secure

Cloud infrastructure; nV Events – a powerful digital signage solution; nSurvey – digital guest experience solution; nEducate – interactive & an intelligent nCloudz based online learning solution and nHotel News – quick access of current & relevant information on the hospitality industry.

nCloudz – Intelligent Cloud
Akin to Dropbox, nCloudz – a sophisticated Cloud infrastructure – assists clients in office automation, online office, secure backup and a host of software running on it. Clients using nCloudz are automatically connected with their office network even if they are travelling or using a public Wi-Fi. Powering client's business via cloud, this out-of-the-box infrastructure connects their global offices and powers their group policies at a click of a button. Leading the pack with its modern and private Cloud infrastructure, NWDCo has its own server spread across five countries including U.S., Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore and Hong Kong where the company has its operation since five years This trait not only helps users plan global offices at local networks but also increases security and productivity. For instance, NWDCo has recently implemented a project for one of its African clients who wanted to connect its Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Middle East offices together while operate and monitor them from their Dubai office with just a click of button. NWDCo's unique private server
Cloud platform enables clients customize the Cloud infrastructure hardware itself. Thus, this African client was able to control, collaborate and work together on normal LAN network at ease from its Dubai office.

"A major chunk of our own internal applications are powered by nCloudz, which has resulted in a continuous evolution of our servers and services with each day re-defining the way in which an organization conducts its own business," adds Nishir. Today, the Mumbai headquartered company has become a different kettle of fish in the realm providing an array of products and services powered by the cloud platform to its customers spread across India and U.S. Recognized as one of the first SME movers in Cloud market, the CRISIL SE3A rated company has effectively delivered success stories to many of its customer base.

With an approachable and interactive work culture, NWDCo has grown leaps and bounds. "We work across several verticals and channels. Our team members take initiatives and start working on a technology all by themselves and come up with innovative ideas. This is a unique way that helps us to offer best Cloud services to our customers," he adds. To penetrate more into the Cloud market, NWDCo is planning to move nV Events from a small Android based device to Cloud platform. Creating own email servers powered on Cloud infrastructure is also a plan for the upcoming years.