New Media Communication: Revolutionizing Medical, Manufacturing & Defence Spaces with 3D Design & Printing Solutions

Satya Swaroop,Managing Director

Satya Swaroop

Managing Director

The yester year in 3D printing sphere has beheld the successful implantation of a 3D-printed vertebra in a 32-year old woman by Medanta (The Medicity), enabling her to walk after a spasm of spinal tuberculosis. Undoubtedly, 3D printing in medical industry has evolved to become its primordial asset with the advent of patient-specific surgical models, custom-made prosthetics, personalized on-demand medicines, 3D printed human tissues, orthopaedic implants and a lot more structures. Foreseeing this meteoric growth, New Media Communication (Estd. 2002), one of India’s largest Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Center sprung up in the 3D printing space with its prime focus on medical, dentistry, manufacturing and defence sectors. Satya Swaroop Prasad, Managing Director, New Media Communication, articulates, “Our firm silhouettes as the leading distributor of 3D printers equipped with craftsmen devising efficient 3D printing solutions right from concept to creation of real-time prototypes across various manufacturing realms”.

Incrementally Developed Prototypes
For the design validation and verification phase in new product
development, rapid prototyping of
physical models using 3D CAD is imperative to produce error-free designs along with significant reduction in their costs. Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and 30-year profound experience in rapid prototyping, New Media listens, internalizes, responds and delivers bespoke projects and complete design & printing solutions to its clients. Prototypes at this firm are created through the process of incremental development wherein each prototype is designed by considering the performances of previous designs in order to eliminate its potential problems
/deficiencies. Once the prototype matches the functionality, robustness, manufacture ability and other requisite goals, the refined prototype is produced as the final product.

New Media’s automotive engineers and designers are predominantly engaged in carving high fidelity automotive prototypes for many tier 1 & 2 automobile suppliers

New Media’s automotive engineers and designers are predominantly engaged in carving high fidelity automotive prototypes for many tier 1 & 2 automobile suppliers. Besides, its team is also involved in CAD modeling /industrial designing, reverse engineering and manufacturing of creative 3D objects for industries like architecture, consumer goods, jewellery, advertising & branding,
packaging, military,foundry, art and many others. Moreover,the firm minimally caters to the manufacturing needs of clients via metal printing which is presently infeasible due to its high costs.

Cost Effective& ViableTechnologies
The emergence of novel 3D printing technologies is enlarging the existing treasure trove of applications with intricate airplane & automobile parts, anatomically correct and biocompatible medical structures and many more. Investing volumes in new technologies, New Media endeavours to make each of them cost effective and viable for its clients to get highly benefited. As a channel partner with Divide By Zero Technologies, the firm provides top-notch 3D printers deploying the streaks of FDM and AFPM technologies which surpass the traditional technologies like FFF and others. New Media’s team further ensures to conduct seamless explorations and experiments for leveraging every facet of 3D technology especially for faster and better medical care.

Collaborating with corporates, manufacturing industries, institutes, individual professionals and leading dental surgeons across India, New Media is looking forward to utilize 3D printing technology as one of its key services for exports across South Asian countries. While having bigger dreams of expanding its entire 3D business in the next two years, the firm also leaves no stone unturned to make its services readily available to all MSMEs.