Moksha Media: An Innovative Firm Offering Customer-Centric Online Branding Services

Anu Veledandi. P, OwnerAn average person spends more time today, with their nose in a device than their face looking at another human face. Friendships are celebrated on timelines, shopping is conducted via an app, and emotions are expressed on whatsapp. Given this new digital scenario, with customers who are smart consumers, companies are rapidly scaling up their digital marketing efforts. And it is aiding such companies in their online digital marketing endeavor that is Moksha Media’s focus.

Founded in 2002, Moksha Media is an innovative online firm offering branding consultancy services to established companies as well as start-ups. Moksha brings with it expertise in the areas of Brand Strategy, Identity and Communications. But its offerings are not restricted to just helping the organizations widen their digital reach or creating better recall amongst their target audience. With their unique range of services including Digital Hub Designing (Web and Social Media pages), Performance based Programmatic Digital Advertising, Social Media Engagement and Advertising, Online PR, Business Advertising, Content Marketing, Online Reputation
Management, Mobile Marketing, Data Analysis, Marketing Automation, Digital CRM and more, Moksha offers its clients complete 360-degree digital services. This package of services helps Moksha provide its clients with not just visibility but value.

Founded in 2002, Moksha Media is an innovative online firm offering branding consultancy services to established companies as well as start-ups

Moksha’s strength also arises from the way it interacts with the clients. Anu Veledandi. P, Owner, Moksha Media shares,“We work with the organizations to create strategies to translate their marketing goals into practical targets. We track their online growth and performance and monitor the effectiveness of these strategies implemented. At Moksha, we do not believe in one size fits all approach. We work with the clients to understand their unique requirements and then tailor make a service package based on their needs and budgets. Our work is completely based on a study of the client, their target audience, their digital marketing initiatives till date, the results they have produced and the future goals they have in mind. It is impractical as well as impossible to go to a client with a pre determined outcome and then to pitch it to them, just so that we have business.”

It is this individualized approach that has helped Moksha work with some
of the leading names in the industry which includes KIMS Hospitals, Global Hospitals, CARE Hospitals, Orange Block Retirement & Holiday Homes, Four Solar, Biogenesis HealthCluster, Durga, Healthy Ageing in the Changing World, Indo British Geriatrics Council, Global Cancer Summit and many more.

Marching Ahead with a Customer Centric Approach
Establishing this relationship of trust with its customers is an essential part of Moksha Media’s culture. “At Moksha we take great pains to develop long term relationships with our clients and it is this dedication that makes us stand out. We do our utmost to complement our client’s efforts to succeed. Our decade long experience with branding and digital marketing has also helped us develop a keen insight into the industry. We at Moksha, know that for an organization’s digital promotions and advertising to truly work, the marketing efforts must be integrated. When all the varied arms of the organization work together towards creating a singular brand presence, the results are far superior than the efforts of individual departments,” says Anu Veledandi. P.

As about future plans, Moksha plans to continue working with clients keen on not just selling their company but on delivering what they promise. “We love a good challenge and hope to work with clients in industries where we haven’t made a mark as yet. Our aim has always been to deliver results consistent with our promises.An important part of our work has been a deep commitment to giving back to the society. Our work with NGO’s and healthcare conferences is part of this endeavour,” concludes Anu.