Mobitech Wireless Solution: Manufacturing IoT Based Irrigation Automation Products in a Cost Effective Manner

S.P. Rajakumaran,Partner

S.P. Rajakumaran, Partner

The agriculture industry has experienced a fair share of new technology advancements leaving farmers with the options to adapt and reinvent them in order to compete, grow and sustain their businesses. Mobitech Wireless Solution, headquartered in Tamil Nadu, is engaged in manufacturing agriculture irrigation automation controllers which helps farmers to irrigate precisely and save lots of water.

“Agricultural technology is now emerging in Indian market. It was developed by spare company and
used by farmers for the past 20-25 years but was very costly. Mobitech Wireless Solution is making it best reliable solution for Indian farmers. This helps farmer to save around 40 to 50 percent of water. So we requested that the precision agriculture should be encouraged to farmers by Indian government to save the water”, said S.P. Rajakumaran, Partner, Mobitech Wireless Solution.

"Mobitech Wireless Solution developed product to control and monitor pump set as well as drip irrigation valves"

Wireless Pump set Controller
Mobitech Wireless Solution has developed its first controller in 2010. Through this controller farmer can switch on/off pump set through ‘Missed Call’. Right now product is tuned to work in smart phone application by the development of mobile internet technology. Through application farmer can monitor voltage, current and status of pump set. This controller protects pump set from erratic electricity.
Drip Irrigation Valve Automation
Mobitech Wireless Solution developed product to control and monitor pump set as well as drip irrigation valves. Through this product farmer can precisely deliver exact quantity of water automatically. By applying this, farmer can save 35-40 percent of water and double the yield. This system is working through GSM network.

Fertigation Automation
Mobitech Wireless Solution added new feather on his cap, with help of this product farmer can feed exact quantity of water and fertilizer in defined interval. Its 100 percent automated, it’s suitable for grapes, pomegranate, banana, mango and sugarcane.

Mobitech Wireless Solution aims to provide Indian farmers a reliable and cost effective technology to maintain their farm without wasting water.