• CultYvate: More Crop per Drop
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    CultYvate: More Crop per Drop

    Im proper watering and nutrition management are two of the most pivotal cause for poor quality and lower productivity of crops. A farmer, on an average has to consider 10 - 12 parameters before deciding the precise watering and nutrient management to get the best yield. When the timely decision is made in a scientific way, the crops can give higher yield with lesser input. Countries like Israel and Netherlands have proven the same by enabling their farmers to leverage on technology to get higher and better yield. The picture is different in India. In India, 70 – 80 percent of the crop is cultivated based on rain or flood irrigation. As a result, the yield is very low and pest/disease occurrences are higher, leading to loss of revenue to farmers. For instance, it requires close to 2.2...


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