Mobisoft Infotech: Offering Delightful User Experiences with Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

Shailendra Sinhasane,  CEOWith more than 48 billion app installations till date,it is evident that today’s mobile users do not lack options when it comes selecting a mobile application. However, designing an app and having a visually stunning appearance is just not enough to conquer the hearts of customers. In today’s fast paced life, it is essential that the products retain the attention and interest of its customers on daily basis. Started as a boot-strapped venture, Mobisoft Infotech is one of the best UI design companies aiming at designing products that promise a positive experience by bridging the gap between the stakeholder goals and the user expectations. With its spectrum of services enclosing Idea validation with MVP development and other research methodologies; UX Consultancy; UX Research; Usability Testing; Mobile App UI/UX; Website UI/UX; Wearable app UI/UX and Competitive Analysis, the firm ensures to use ‘Power of UX/UI Design Services’ to create experiences that people love.

Born in a mobile-first world, Mobisoft Infotech has a very mobile-centric focus which enables it to deliver rich mobile experiences. Since its inception in 2010, the firm has been successfully serving the
unique and challenging mobility needs of both enterprises and startups for more than eight years now. With over 200 strong employees in the in-house team, till date, Mobisoft has shipped more than 350 custom-made mobility solutions. The firm’s diversified client base of over 150 clients comprising more than 100 startups has helped Mobisoft gain competency in building user experiences for both consumer-facing and enterprise apps. “As an early entrant to the mobile app development industry, finding the right talent to work on mobile UI/UX was quite a challenge, since most designers were basically web/graphic designers. We invested heavily in building an in-house team which understood mobile UI/UX in and out through training sessions and team brainstorming. Today, our dedicated UI/UX team and their experience with working on varied UI/UX has helped us to work for notable clients like TATA, NTT Data, Samsung, Deloitte, QNAP, Actavis, People Power, Golden Artist Colors and more,” says Shailendra Sinhasane, CEO, Mobisoft Infotech.

We bring products to life with intuitive and delightful UX design services

Mobisoft and its clientele have received numerous accolades, some of which include Johnson & Johnson GenH Challenge Grand Prize Winner, 2018 San Francisco; NFC Forum Innovation Award, 2017 Las Vegas; NASA's Space Health Challenge, 2014 Houston;
AWARD For Excellence In E-Lawyering; CES Power Your Future, First Prize, 2012 Las Vegas.

The accomplished and adept team of Mobisoft Infotech understands very well that at the individual team level one must always keep their enthusiasm, sense of innovation and focus which are the hallmarks of every successful startup. “We enjoy the best of both worlds and ensure that each as they work with client counterparts to make their project group demonstrates drive and a sense of ownership mobile journey a success. All team members are given the opportunity to move forward professionally, with personal assessments weighted on technical merit, continuing learning, responsibility, ccount ability, creativity, personal drive and team participation. We reward forward-thinking UI designs and innovations focused on new technologies,” shares Shailendra Sinhasane.

Charting New Paths to the Future
Paving its path ahead, Mobisoft Infotech is aspiring to launch SaaS products for transportation and logistics Industry, office automation tools like visitor management software and more. An ideal partner to startups and organizations in healthcare technology development with innovative engagement models from dedicated tech center, integrator, micro-venture to accelerator across North America and Asia; Mobisoft is excited about leveraging emerging technologies and solutions like intelligent apps and things, Applied AI, Blockchain, IoT and more to consolidate its leadership position and continue to deliver amazing user experiences.