Metamorph 3D Printing Services: Chiseling Digital Ideas into 3D Prints Leveraging Avant-garde Technology & Paraphernalia

Akash Kumar,Director

Akash Kumar


After initial mercenary in 1980s, 3D printing became a chapter of intense interest in 2013. Key players quickly tapped this opportunity to upturn their capitals into exponential revenues. While 3D printing has carved its place among other manufacturing methods, the sole objective has also revised from consumer and rapid prototyping towards workflow digitization and manufacture of quality final products. Chennai based Metamorph 3D Printing Services (a division of Monotech Systems) is one such numerouno carving digital ideas into palpable entities and models with its state-of-the-art prowess, deep understanding of industry know-how and technological competence.

The brainchild of Tej Prakash Jain (Managing Director), Metamorph was ensconced in 2016 as a prime mover in 3D printing predominantly delivering services to markets and applications like Manufacturing, Protos, Dental, Jewelry, Architectural, Footwear, Full Sized Models, Functional Models, Vacuum Casting Patterns, Sand Casting Patterns, Direct Casting patterns and Core Boxes, to name a few. With its association with 3D Systems, W2P and Bigrep, the company brings forth best mix of technologies under one roof.

Badging excellence to Matamorph's
name are the experienced professionals and techy-mavens investing their knowledge right from design through operations to post processing. “While the former convert and prepare 3D printable files from regular CAD files or 2D drawings, the latter are trained to troubleshoot the machines and reduce the down time of 3D printers,” adds T. P. Jain.

Metamorph specializes in 3D scale down models and excels in providing solutions deploying different techniques and application materials with hands on experience in large projects and deliverables

Carving Prints with No Axe
When many restrict 3D printing servicing to prototyping and design validation, Metamorph specializes in 3D scale down models (machinery, plant models, display models and engineering) and excels in providing solutions deploying different techniques and application materials with hands on experience in large projects and deliverables. The company owns one-of-its-kind FDM technology (Bigrep One 1005 X 1005 X 1005 MM) that helps clients receive large part prints without compromising on the size and design, hence no snipping or scale down procedure. For crisp and clear printing, 3D printers like Sterolithography (SLA), Multi Jet Printing (MJP), Color Jet Printing(CJP), Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) are used wherein the parts are printed between 16 microns to 900 microns.
Despite the noise that customers demand services under their fixed low budgets, Metamorph influences its clients to step up and shell modest price, amidst which the company complies to provide unmatched quality surface finish output from production printers. Besides FDM technology, it deploys cutting edge technologies like Multijet, SLA, SLS and DLP for economical, accurate, best resolution results and prioritizes client’s requisites over available resources. It follows stringent quality assurance procedures and ensures that every part is inspected for visual and dimensional accuracy before dispatch.

The 3D Vision
Catering to a prestigious clientele base including FLsmidth, Ocean Technology, Royal Enfield, TVS, HCL, Skoda India, and L&T tech, Metamorph invests in right market opportunities and delivers solutions at par excellence. Citing its association with CSIR for 3D printing of its wind technology for bridge model, Tej elucidates, “CSIR tried all means of manufacturing to get the result of wind analysis but all failed. Finally, they approached us for printing one meter model in one shot; it was printed using Bigrep one 3D printer and marked the project success”.

Graphing revenue growth of 60 percent annually, Metamorph furnishes its expertise in markets with high capability requirements and low competition such as full scale models that require large scale and precise 3D printers for quality deliveries. With presence PAN India, the company handholds its personnel to work towards a common goal of delivering best parts consistently and on-time.