Melting Mints: Pushing the Envelope of Innovation to Provide Creative Solutions

Samarth Shah, Founder

Samarth Shah


For Melting Mints, 3D printing is an opportunity to stay creative and conquer new challenges every day. As evidence look no further than its recent project where it created a highly detailed replica of Ferrari car complete with moving parts controlled not by a remote control but brain waves! From conceptualization to execution, 3D printing is just a small part of what it does. From 3D modelling the Bahubali set recently installed at Imagica to providing a 3D scan of Dhoni for Lava Mobile’s recent lion ad, Melting Mints looks at 3D printing as an enabler to a whole new world of manufacturing and innovation.

Client-Specific Services
The biggest benefit clients derive from Melting Mints is its emphasis on providing solutions that reduce costs, enhance quality and achieve their desired result in the most efficient manner possible. This focus has led to Melting Mints being the only Indian service provider to own a 3DP, an industrial 3D printer that prints five times faster than conventional FDM printers tremendously reducing costs and timelines. Since almost no clients in India have 3D printable files, Melting Mints includes 3D modelling as part of its package with experts of the
highest credentials and capabilities from organizations like Dream works

Perceiving 3D printing more as personalization and customization, Melting Mints utilizes cutting-edge printers of all types, flexible materials and food grade materials

The result lies in its impressive client list that represents the who's who of Indian brands including Tata, Mahindra, L&T, Blue Star, Flipkart, Hotstar, 9XM, Adobe, Mountain Dew, TEDx. BARC and many more. Melting Mints’ work was on display at the recently concluded Defense Expo 2018 in Chennai and it was even the first to ever display their work at the Kala Ghoda Festival.

Besides being furnished with two 3DP machines, this quality-conscious also owns SLA printers from Form labs (from US as opposed to its Chinese counterparts) to print complex, thin (as thin as hair) and delicate structures, and structured light scanners to create life-like scans of celebrities and highly accurate bobble heads. Perceiving 3D printing more as personalization and customization, Melting Mints utilizes cutting-edge printers of all types (FDM,SLS or SLA), flexible materials and food grade materials, rather than relying on just one technology or one type of printer.

Melting Mints has clients that range
from defense manufacturers tosurgeons, wedding planners to architects, students to start ups. Every client has unique requirements and the company endeavours to delight each and every one of them.

Looking Forward
Besides experimenting with flexible materials, chocolate printers and medical grade printers, the firm is currently developing smart 3D printed devices (through embedded systems programming) that can leverage IoT and mobile technologies to solve long-standing problems. “Unlike a typical service provider, we work as an innovation hub that assists corporates in creating new products & test prototypes, production houses in enriching animation & AR and individuals in enlivening their fantasies via gifting and personalization. If you can dream it, we can Mint it for you!” avers Samarth Shailesh Shah, Founder, Melting Mints. No wonder, around seven 3D printing service companies in Mumbai employ Melting Mints for their most challenging jobs, and multiple manufacturers and maker space creators regularly partner and seek training from Melting Mints.

Witnessing a seven fold increase in revenue in four years, Melting Mints envisions doubling its revenues every two years for the next decade. The firm etches its future roadmap towards launching a slew of novel medical training tools & devices, creating a line of 3D printed products soon to be available on Amazon, training & mentoring new users of 3D printers and developing smart, revolutionary devices by the power of 3D printing & technology.