Mediser scan Technology: Delivering Medical Imaging Equipment with Reliable Service & Excellence

Sabiya Khatoon, Mohammad Ahmad Khan & Satheesh Basvaraj,Directors

Saeed Khan


Refurbishment is a well-established element of the global healthcare economy and has been there for a long and is here to stay till the time there is a need for medical equipments. It is one of the pressing needs in today's healthcare scenario where quality and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand, where budgetary constraints dominate the purchase practices of healthcare providers.

It is estimated that the Refurbished Medical Equipment Market is valued at USD 9.82 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 23.91 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 11.80 percentage over the forecast period. The increasing privatization of the healthcare sector, along with the growing requirement for low-cost medical services, is one of the key factors driving market growth. Playing a leading role in this ever-growing market, Mediser Scan Technology Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as a trusted name for sales and services of medical imaging equipment, primarily CT scanners and MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging) machines.

Headquartered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, this renowned organization is formed by a team of service engineers with the best proven technical expertise and decades of field experience in the installation and maintenance of Medical Imaging equipment. To provide a guaranteed, reliable end product
to their clients, the company accomplishes this goal by their technical expertise where each phase of the vending process is supervised by a quality assurance team with years of experience in their specialized field.

Hence, over the years, Mediser Scan Technology has developed immense expertise in offering Imported best quality products, Equipment availability in stock, Timely shipment, Finance assistance, Quick parts checking and Replacement, Long term service agreement, AERB registration, Layout plan submission by expert personal and commitment. Besides, to supply the best quality products, these products are examined on varied industry parameters employing advanced testing tools. The greatest advantage of the company is the ability to transform used equipment CT and MRI into a reliable diagnostic tool that performs and looks brand new.

Mediser scan Technology's unique proposition lies in its strong pillars of technical excellence that is well manifested and well trained on all Siemens machines. The expert team of Mediser does their job with great care so the consumer never doubts the decision to purchase refurbished instead of new equipment.

Mediser Scan Technology has evolved as a trusted name for sales and services of medical imaging equipment, primarily CT scanners and MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging) machines.

They take a system apart, replace worn or damaged components, reintegrate the system, and apply a cosmetic facelift. Spearheaded by a highly experienced team of professionals, the company offers Lifetime Technical Support on every system they sell and gives a complete warranty on the system for a limited period with service agreements to fit every need and budget. For the client's convenience, the company also offers preventative maintenance service plans to its clients to extend the life and value of your equipment and minimize downtime.

To build a strong infrastructure to support Custom clearance, Refurbishment, Crating, loading, unloading, placement of equipment, Reinstallation, and Technical support - One of the core characteristics of Mediser refurbishment process are Appraisal / Acquisition, Deinstallation, Logistics, Refurbishment, Expert crating, Reinstallation, and Technical support. Desires to be recognized worldwide the company has tied up with companies abroad for Appraisal, Deinstallation, and ocean transportation.