Media Conversion: Promoting Brand Stories through Strategic Online Advertising Campaigns

Kajal Sinha,Co-Founder & Business Head

Kajal Sinha

Co-Founder & Business Head

Online Advertising plays an essential role in this ‘blink and miss’ world and Media Conversion (MC) is helping organizations reap its benefits in the most proactive ways through its video Ad platform and mobile marketing services. Catering to multiple platforms like Mobile, desktops and so on, MC increases conversion rates for its clients by closely following the user interaction trend with video Ads and curates brand narrative videos that are necessary for gaining potential consumers. With MC, advertisers get access to target audience through online publishers in the industry who in turn earn significant revenues from these brands.“Numbers of top publishers from a wide array of
industry verticals assist us to gain optimal visibility through online channels,”explains Kajal Sinha,Co-Founder & Business Head, MC.

MC mainly focuses on Ad view ability through out Accurate Audience bases

Client Centric Marketing

MC mainly focuses on Adview ability through out Accurate Audience bases. The video Ad campaigns are offered under various spectrums like preroll, connected roll, multi touch, interactive and vid view that build the brand image by engaging consumers through ads that simulate users to interact with the brand. These videos are usually accompanied by informative & animated overlays, Ad units, branding slate and shopping windows that capture the consumer’s exact purchase emotions for the client. On the other hand, mobile marketing is based on brand visibility through in app marketing, mobile web and native apps marketing that is boosted by rolling out several Ads
through out the entire consumer life cycle. Leveraging technology and industry standard metrics, MC deploys Programmatic Cross Platform device, web beacons, cookies and persistent IDs that help clients gather a good hold on the user behaviour across all channels. Similarly, the data analytics wing helps client track real time consumer activity through the company’s powerful analytics software and help build up accurate market data for a better growth.

Innovative Approach

Following latest industry traits and using next-gen technology MC has transformed its approach to digital advertisement and branding from “Number/Figure-Based” to “Value based” model. Moving beyond market standards MC is trying to leverage au courant technologies. This helps to fight back the notoriety of Ad frauds by enabling an efficient supply chain management. This in turn, allows to take care of client’s sensitive information while ensuring transparency. MC aims to increase and fine tune Ad view ability while working to create a holistic ecosystem that supports sustainable growth of digital advertisement industry.