Mad N Creative Design Studio: Crafting Unique Designs for Better User Experiences

Atishay Goyal,FounderNobody can easily forget the origin of Facebook- a thought that influenced two college friends and eventually revolutionized the way people around the globe communicate today. The inception story of Delhi- NCR headquartered Mad N Creative Design Studio is one of its own kinds. Passionate about designing since the second year of Engineering, Atishay Goyal teamed up with a group of passionate friends who were looking to ignite their inner entrepreneur, enhance their skills and get a head-start into the industry. Recalling the inception story of the firm, Atishay Goyal, Founder, Mad N Creative says, “It was a time that we were juggling between engineering studies, exams, developing new skills, meeting potential clients and finding new opportunities. We witnessed a lot of enquires on ‘revamping the current product’ or ‘uplifting the face of a website’or‘adding a wow to the homepage’and so on. These were consistent and vague requirements to which as college students, there was no measurable success metric. This is when I got introduced to designing and realized its
importance. From then on, the USP of every website, mobile app or even a brochure that we created was the way it looked and the experience it offered. We started turning heads and once we realized the core-value we bring to the product, we knew this was our domain. Gradually, we transformed our core offerings from full-stack development to design-centric and stepped into the world of User Experience as Mad N Creative Design Studio.”

As an innovative and contemporary designing studio, Mad N Creative recognizes that only a perfect combination of impactful marketing and right product can deliver the best experience and hence, they went on to catering various digital marketing verticals. Their services are extended from beautifying to solving complex problems, engaging the users and communicating emotions via design. “Our services revolve around product discover ability, usability, omnichannel experience and customer satisfaction. These core offerings are supported by User Research, Business Analysis, Prototyping, Visual Designing, Branding, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing Consultation and Conversion Rate Optimization. With Omni-channel experience being our area of expertise, we ensure that no matter what the interfacing medium of our customer is, they will have a consistent and pleasing experience across all channels. Be it web, mobile, smart watches, wearables, or any other IoT channel; we present a holistic approach to the experience cycle and make it
seamless across all platforms,” defines Atishay.

Specialized in designing interaction-rich and user centric interfaces, Mad N Creative started with just two UX designers and evolved as a global network catering to companies across India, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. Thanks to its loyal team members. Atishay expresses that,“Our startup is lucky to have all good people who put their maximum efforts to bring success for the company. I would like to mention one of our strongest members, Ms. Khushi Sagar – who believed in Mad N Creative and worked diligently amidst several challenges to witness today’s victory.”

Today, Mad N Creative offers Branding, UX Designing, Startup Strategy Planning and Digital Marketing Consultation services across various industrial verticals including FinTech, EduTech, Avaition, Banking, Travel and many more. Recognized for its customer-centric services, the firm is adding more feathers on its cap by receiving awards and recognitions like Great Web Design Award-2016, Best CSS Awards-2016 and Best UX of the day-2017, to name a few. Speaking about the future plans for the firm, Atishay says, “We have been exploring opportunities and pairing UX with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Soon, we will be entering this domain. Also, with our name spreading across countries and with project enquires pouring in; we are hiring at multiple locations and planning to spread our wings across other global centers.”