Logimax Technologies: Allocating Risk Management for Jewellery Industries

The supply and trade of gold demands to be risk free and track enabled. Logimax Technologies, being a software product development company exclusively for the jewellery industry, started operating in the year 2000, catering to industries engaged in bullion trade, jewellery manufacturers, as well as wholesale and retail jewellers.

Since bullion is volatile and expensive, Logimax Technologies provides physical trading platforms and risk management system for the bullion traders. Because of its volatility and the managing of multiple orders in permutation and combination, buyers look into parameters to access actual gold. Logimax bears products for order management, customer portfolio management and risk management for bullion traders. For the manufacturing sector, the company provides consultation in improving the productivity based on industrial engineering, along with quality management and recovery management solutions. By accommodating recovery auditing for the manufacturer, Logimax helps to recover the gold after manufacturing. For jewellery wholesalers who undertake and supply custom or catalogue orders as per the requirement of the retailers, the company allocates a full product lifecycle management that can be monitored through mobile app. “In the case of retail jewellers, we have catalogue integrated solutions for small technicians for order management system and customer relationship management. Our CRM application promotes their products and retains their customer through various options like mobile notifications, new arrivals, digital payment system, and tracking their order”, says Raguram Gopalswamy, Founder, Logimax Technologies.

During the initial days of the establishment of Logimax, the price of one kilogram of gold

Logimax has helped wholesalers to manage bulk orders through the Winbull application

was around 6 to 6.5 lakh rupees. The fivefold increase in today’s gold price shows its demand and growing importance in the Indian economy. The company possesses a strong understanding of the market situation, and is providing the solution that it is able to foresee the upcoming scenario. The consistent analysis of the market helps Logimax in predicting the requirement of the customer. The jewellery tech space has 10 to 15 percent of the Indian market share in spite of being unorganized. To achieve the balance of around 85 percent of the open market space, Logimax too offers support to make the industry an organized one. Industries focused on jewellery domain are enabled with software that can analyze the market
Raguram Gopalswamy,Founder
scenario. Being a cross platform solution, the jewellery industry players can make use of Logimax’s application to compare or arbitrate the values between the paper trade, physical market, and many others. By allocating a smart estimation system which has been integrated with the fact sheet on order management system and catalogue, it helps retailers in monitoring the order till it reaches the customer. Logimax has helped whole salers to manage bulk orders through the Winbull application. The company has made tracking of the order simple and easy to handle for whole salers. The application also streamlines the transfer of particular orders to the customers, and their product lifecycle. Being an established and renowned brand in jewellery domain in South India, Logimax is now trying to focus more on retail segment. The company also intends to expand over other markets like Sri Lanka, Australia, and other Asian countries.