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  • 10 Most Promising Jewellery Technology Solution Providers -2019

    With the modern technology that we have today, everything is made convenient for industries as well as customers in the easily accessi­ble form. Jewellery industry cannot be exempted from this argument despite the fact that it is one of the most ancient and largest industries in India. The online jewellery market is showing a significant growth since the arrival of ecommerce and online stores. India has the biggest market for jewellery in the world right after China. The growth has come with the growing trends in designs and offerings for both retail and consumer levels. The online shopping experience has encouraged customers to buy big-ticket items online. Reports have estimat­ed that online jewellery sector in India is worth USD 135 million and will become a USD 2 billion...

10 Most Promising Jewellery Technology Solution Providers -2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
GEM9 GEM9 Sunil Ghumatkar , Director Streamlines Jewellery business transactions and stock handling via Gem9.
Gemeye Gemeye Hemant Agarwal , Founder Facilitates customized jewelry exclusive ecommerce services and solution platform.
IDiamondCloud IDiamondCloud Eli Borochoff & Sudipto Haldar, Directors Offers Cloud-based ERP to B2B & B2C for online Diamond, Jewelry, Gemstones, Watches Inventory and Accounting Management to Diamond & Jewelry industry.
Jewelfie Jewelfie Surendra Karandikar, CEO Provides Customer Engagement & Relationship Management (CERM) platform is designed to help jewelry retailers and online stores.
Jewels Infosystems Jewels Infosystems Vinod Deg , Founder & CEO Enables Jewelry software, RFID solutions, jewelry web portals, mobile apps, server infrastructure setups & dedicated servers to gems stone and jewelry industry.
Logimax Technologies Logimax Technologies Raguram Gopalswamy, Founder A software product development company specializing in Bullion, wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Jewellery e-Commerce, and secure storage.
Mayashs Technologies Mayashs Technologies Sandip Tare , Director Offers RFID, Fixed Readers, and portable Handheld Readers, for a comprehensive jewellery management system.
Microanalytik Instruments Microanalytik Instruments Vinod Upadhyay , Founder A supplier for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Instruments such as Gold Testing Machine, Jewellery Testing, and Hallmarking Machines.
Optigo Apps Optigo Apps Hiren Patel , Founder & CEO A cloud software firm delivering software solutions to jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
SoftSense Technologies SoftSense Technologies Pratik Shah, MD A provider of software solutions based on desktop application, ecommerce web portal and ERP across Gems & Jewellery industry.