Lipap Systems: Streamlining Supply Chain Operation with High-Quality Barcode & Labelling Solutions

Varun Khandelwal, Director
Varun Khandelwal, Director

Label and Barcodes are like connecting tissues holding supply chain operation altogether. If a barcode fails to scan, it adds cost to the trading process. At best, data has to be keyed in manually, and at worst, customers may reject a complete consignment of goods, resulting in lost sales. Hence, the quality of the barcode image can make or break this chain.

Mumbai-based Lipap Systems, whose entire ethos is based on quality, offers customers a perfect mix of barcode products & services as per their requirements. “Our protocol has always been about providing customers with the best available quality solutions at cost-effective prices. Customers who have used our products swear by our quality standards and services, which have been our company’s foundation,” states Varun Khandelwal, Director, Lipap Systems. Sticking to its commitment to offer quality service, the company sources raw materials for barcode ribbons & labels from the top manufacturers
from Japan, Europe & China. The raw material is rigorously checked with batch-to-batch testing apart from regular quality checks, ensuring customers will never face any deviation in quality.

"Our protocol has always been about providing customers with the best available quality solution at cost effective prices"

The company leverages its 30 years of expertise & knowledge to understand the customer's requirements some of which may include alcohol resistance, labelling under sub-zero or very high-temperature conditions & other high-end applications, thereby providing the best available solution. The company even assists its customers in selecting the right models of printers & scanners, which can be easily integrated into their system. This astute strategy makes Lipap a great choice for companies/customers looking at implementing, adding or improving their quality at economical costs.

An End-to-End Provider
This 1989-established company that commenced its journey with barcode ribbons diversified into hardware to be one of the few manufacturers and solutions providers to offer end-to-end solutions for all barcoding applications. Today, Lipap’s factory at Vasai is instilled with cutting-edge machines capable of closing any order size within 24-48 hours.
Being able to manufacture labels and barcode ribbons gives Lipap an edge in many ways like controlling ribbon to label performance and its quality consistency, providing a single window solution, reducing lead time for customer, faster order processing for any urgent unforeseen requirements and offering various grades suitable for every application and price point.

Lipap has been an OEM supplier for printer consumables for several years. Besides being a premium channel partner for major barcode printer brands like TSC, Zebra, Godex, Sato, & Argox offering right from desktop to high-end industrial grade printers, the company also works closely with industry leaders like Honeywell & Zebra offering barcode scanners (simple retail scanners to high-end conveyor based scanners). With its services available 24x7x365, Lipap has quickly become one of the most trusted barcoding partners of such eminent companies.

Lipap backs its products and services with preventive maintenance programs, thereby reducing the overall printing costs in the long run. With the Indian economy looking good, the company intends to add more FMCG, pharma, e-Commerce, auto & other industrial clients in the coming months by enhancing its barcode labelling production verticals by means of inducting new machines.