Kwebmaker: Ensuring ROI with Calculated Digital Practices

After being used in Archie – the first ever search engine, the term Digital Marketing has always been a moving target. The only element constant over the years has been apparently the persistent ‘need-for-change’. One of the leading and oldest agencies in India which has pledged to satisfy this need-for-change is Kwebmaker Digital Agency, a full-service organization offering coherent and bespoke solutions for demand generation through all possible channels. Incepted by Dhananjay Arora (CEO) who had the foresight to perceive the thrive of ‘digital’ way back in 90s, Kwebmaker’s story is intrinsically the story of digital marketing revolution in India. Started its operations in 1998 focused on Websites and e-Commerce (done over 5000 projects), the company today plays a substantial role in the Digitalization of India, and Dhananjay believes that the success recipe has been the long standing presence in the industry, which carved an experience and knowledge plinth that helps brands get the best ROI from its Digital initiatives. “We pride in being a holistic digital services provider,” he asserts.

A Different Approach

“Our vast experienced team has got a better idea of what works when for which client,” proclaims Dhananjay. The extremely agile Kwebmaker team never takes eye off from the campaign and makes sure real-time and timely changes are done to get the best results, and this quick, prompt and appropriate response nature is what the customers are allured to. It also ensures that the media spending is 100 percent transparent at all the possible cases, which provides the clients
Dhananjay Arora,Founder & CEO

Dhananjay Arora

Founder & CEO

The extremely agile Kwebmaker team never takes eye off from the campaign and makes sure real-time and timely changes are done to get the best results

with an absolute clarity of where their money is being spent, which mediums are working for them and what is their precise ROI. This unique work model coupled with matchless strategies has been followed by a gamut of recognitions, including the recently won three awards (Best e-Commerce Website, Best Financial Website and Most Innovative Mobile App) at National Digital Marketing Conference & Awards – powered by BBC Knowledge.

Offering solutions across three dedicated divisions – Websites, Mobile Applications and Digital Marketing, Kwebmaker claims proffering the best and most tangible ROI to a clientele across different sectors including Tata Realty, HDFC Mutual Funds,
Lilavati Hospital, Mahindra, Sony, and Lokmat amongst many others, where their target audience has entirely different objectives. On boarding a scientific approach and adhering to standards, the company identifies them case-to-case and plans their campaigns projected to the best ROI, incorporating all the advanced tools from SEO, Adwords, and Media Buying to showcasing ads across platforms, and of course social media marketing. It takes care of the full-services-set from framing the Strategy to Execution, Contest, Online Reputation Management, Online Response Management and Online PR. In addition, Kwebmaker also has means in position to outreach to audience with specific interests, geographic locations, devices, travel patterns, consumption & browsing patterns, or even with languages used. “Apart from actual leads or conversions, at times ROI is intangible like ‘brand-awareness’ where we make sure this is clearly communicated to the client,” adjoins Dhananjay.

En Route to Future

However, keeping its 80 people strong team span across Mumbai (Headquarter), Denmark and U.S. abreast with all the latest tools and techniques, Kwebmaker is growing constantly with ‘growth’ as its Mantra. The company preserves the employees with an extremely flexible and liberal work culture, believing that their individual growth eventually leads to the growth of company too. Besides further pressing the footprint in verticals they are currently in, Kwebmaker is also looking forward to spreading the wings globally beyond its current reach.