KrypC: For a Fast Paced Blockchain Deliverance

Ravi Jagannathan,   Founder & CEO

Ravi Jagannathan, Founder & CEO

According to data compiled by Global Market Insights, the global blockchain market is expected to eclipse the USD 16 Billion mark by 2024. As more companies embrace this technology, the more questions and speculations will arise around its adoption. Essentially, the more widely blockchain is adopted, the better it will become. However, even though blockchain technology has a lot of perks, it still lacks in many technological ways. A coding flaw or loophole is one of the significant points in this. As their primary goal, Bangalore based KrypC facilitates such adoption in an easier and faster manner. KrypCore is a blockchain technology platform for developing and deploying any kind of DLT applications iteratively from POC to Pilot to Production. KrypCore automatically translates innovative use case definitions into a blockchain solution with minimal coding efforts and there by enables business leaders to accelerate their blockchain innovation journey.

KrypCore is developed by a highly talented team with significant expertise in Cryptography and other strong mathematical models adopted in blockchain. KrypCore is an end to end acceleration platform for enterprises to translate their innovative business
use cases into a meaningful solution and deploy them in a trusted network in collaboration with other participants in the eco system. While KrypCore Studio features include Process mapping dashboard, automated code generator for codeless development environment, API generator, UI generator, Eco system visualizer etc. on one side, KrypCore Middleware comes in handy to address all critical challenges that the participating organizations may face in production environment. For example, the Data lake feature allows for querying the application without compromising the throughput of the application. “We developed POCs within few days and moved to production within 3 months”, informs Ravi Jagannathan, Founder & CEO, KrypC.

KrypCore provides an iterative development which means the risk associated with innovation is also well mitigated

Proven Practices
Unlike most innovations that are limited due to the speed of the blockchain adoption, KrypCore’s accelerated development of blockchain solutions /platforms turns the table for organizations moving towards blockchain adoption. Further, KrypCore provides an iterative development which means the risk associated with innovation is also well mitigated. For example, to test the innovative ideas one need not wait for many months of efforts and investments. Within a few days KrypCore can them a base solution for testing the use case and once the value is proven, the POC can be iteratively matured to an MVP and further live deployment. Thus, the investment risk is significantly
reduced. KrypC experience in delivering 45 projects for global clients has given the testimonial for their expertise. KrypCore also has some distinguished success stories in the areas of BFSI. The current trade assets distribution process among Banks, FIs and Treasuries of large corporations is manual and inefficient. The process is conducted and managed over the phone, fax, excel sheets and email, thus, leading to a lack of required transparency and trust. KrypC developed an end-to-end platform called TradeAssets for a company called FII Global in Dubai. Further to establishing trust, TradeAssets enables all the banks, FIs and Treasuries to exchange information and assets with others selectively, securely and efficiently. TradeAssets is in the production environment with more than 15+ Banks onboard. KrypC has been a part of the various accelerator programs run by Microsoft, Accenture Innovation Hub, SAP, Bosch, Maersk and LEAP as part of which multiple projects were delivered to some of these corporate customers.

In line with their primary focus in this domain, KrypC introduces the Partner Plus Program, with a core objective to enable the partners to fast-track Distributed Ledger Technology application development and deployment for their customers. With such vigorous practices, KrypCore will continue to accelerate innovation, optimize the total cost of ownership and create new opportunities for their esteemed clients.