Kritii Design: Transforming Ideas into Delightful User Experiences

Ashish Bogawat, Co-founder

Ashish Bogawat


It might surprise us, but India’s least active smartphone users spend at least 1.5 hours on apps, while the median users dedicate about 2.5 hours each day. From checking the time to online shopping, a common man highly depends on his smartphone. According to an annual report by App Annie, in 2017, Indians alone downloaded 12.1 billion apps on their phones and tablets as compared to 11.3 billion in the US. For online business owners, the increasing smartphone penetration is an opportunity to establish a direct, personalized and more interactive experience with their customers. They say, you get only one shot to create first impressions, and for a brand to be able to successfully connect with its target audience, it is essential to provide end-users a pleasurable experience with a user interface that is engaging. As a dedicated UI/UX design studio of present generation, Kritii Design recognizes these market requirements and spares no effort to provide services of premium quality with unmatched potential to bring maximum RoI for its customers.

Kritii Design has emerged as a recognized end-to-end UI/UX design studio where a product owner gets the right mix of UX design, UI design and front-end development for web as well as mobile applications

Founded in 2012, Kritii Design is the brain child of Ashish Bogawat and Shailesh Shilwant, a team which believed in constant up gradation of technology and translating ideas into intuitive, simple and delightful user experiences. Overcoming its inception challenges from finding the right talent to being able to sell the right proposition, today, Kritii Design has emerged as a recognized end-to-end UI/UX design studio where a product owner gets the right mix of UX design, UI design and front-end development for web as well as mobile applications. “Design has come to the forefront over the last few years and with the advent of smartphones and the internet coming within the reach of everyone, mobile apps have become very common. People have started getting exposure to really good experiences on web and mobile phones. At Kritii Design, we try to keep up with the latest technologies and make sure that we have enough exposure to changing trends. With utmost attention, we obsess over very pixel on the screen and every glance, touch and
swipe in the interface. Our choice of colours, fonts and images creates a strong impact on any company’s brand perception. With our keen understanding of interaction design, visual design and front-end development, we help companies to make the most out of their investments,”shares Ashish Bogawat, Co-Founder, Kritii Design.

A technology agnostic company, Kritii Design is fully committed to bringing out nothing less than best user experiences out of its products and services. Extremely focused on delivering satisfying product experiences to its customers, the expertise and dedication of the firm is very well reflected through its strong and versatile clientele which includes reputed names like Intuit QuickBooks, Mint, Facebook, Skyroam, Globality, Little Passports, Clarizen, Akoonu, Minkasu and many more. Speaking about the upcoming plans for the firm, Ashish says, “This is our fifth year of operation, and we have evolved tremendously since the inception. We have grown in terms of the work we do, the products we deliver, the quality we serve. Our idea is to grow with the projects and the products we work on. Our small, yet skilled and efficient team is continuously striving to focus on the quality and the delivery of the services we provide with a small team. In the years to come, we are looking forward to ramp up our marketing and sales efforts to reach maximum users. We are hoping to tap on the potential of budding Indian startups. Since till date our work has been heavily focused in US, we’re looking to increase our coverage of the Indian markets in the coming months.”