Kannan Creative Solution: Making Animated Videos Meaningful, Engaging & Pretty

Kannan V,Business Head

Kannan V, Business Head

3D Animation in marketing is a class by itself, impelling the advertising strategies of business firms. To tell a memorable story about your company using 3D technology, the only real limit is your creativity. In this endeavour, a professional animation service provider’s mastery in blending creativity with marketing can be your ally. Fusing creativity & marketing concepts, Kannan Creative Solution (KCS) creates astonishing 3D Animation videos to bolster brand’s customer engagement & marketing strategies, and make an enduring impact. The company empowers brands to manifest any product or service to its clients perpetually and creates a high impact on their target audience.

Having trained 3D modelling, Animation & VFX professionals who know each nuance of 3D animation technology, Kannan offers customized 3D animation services that can enhance the brand’s reputation, facilitate inbound marketing campaigns and improves advertising results. In all its endeavours to deliver the best 3D animation services, KCS rendered its service according to the client’s demands by using
analysis & best quality inputs, and then comparing insights for every step of design & communication associated to video making. The company does audience profiling to identify target audience for its customers and later develops content strategy that will result in high conversions forits customers. Furthermore, it utilizes only the effective mediums to advertise products or services to ensure a prosperous campaign. Backed with the latest technologies, the company uses Maya 2018, ZBrush, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Arnold, Nuke 11.0, and other software that run on the cutting-edge hardware platforms to make animated videos meaningful, engaging and pretty. This complete process goes through a series of quality inspections, ensuring perfection at the end of clients.

"Kannan offers customized 3D animation services that can enhance the brand’s reputation, facilitate inbound marketing campaigns and improve advertising results"

“We are committed to satisfying customers with 3D Animation in both technical illustration & marketing concepts. We as a marketer & animator are advantageous for our clients to select a target audience, content development, type of video and right medium to promote,” adds Kannan V, Business Head, Kannan Creative Solution. He recalls when a mobile accessory manufacturer & trader client required an animated video to launch a new product in the U.S. market and outrank the competition. Although the client had only the product and few images, the company did 3D
modelling of product design, texturing for photo-realistic looks and VFX works to make it innovative & excellent visually. This coupled with promoting the brand via all the powerful mediums like YouTube, Google Search, remarketing ads, WhatsApp, & other mediums in the U.S. propelled the brand’s growth. Likewise, Kannan assisted several clients from industries like Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare,
Tourism, e-Commerce, Real Estate, and Manufacturing.

Comprehensive Services
KCS offers an optimum quality array of 3D Animation services that include 3D architectural walkthrough animation, and 3D modelling & rendering. Through its value-added service (3D Solution), it makes a miniature 3D model using 3D printing technology to provide a complete 3D solution (3D Images, 3D Videos & 3D Print). By leveraging these services, KCS creates animated videos & rendered images for various industries and provides services for engineering & industrial machinery, medical & instruments, Architectural & walkthroughs, Commercial ads and more.

Thanks to these sterling solutions, the company recorded a 200 percent growth in its targeted sale compared to last year’s. Intending to broaden its offerings, KCS is coming-up with novel software that can generate animated videos with mild drag & drop options and pre-animated template. Targetted for SMEs, this software will enable them to make videos and plug them to their website, social media & video sharing platforms.