Insemi: IoT Practices to Bring Devices Together

Arup Dash, CEO,Shreekanth Sampigethaya, President

Arup Dash, CEO

India is now home of almost all semiconductor giants. At present, there are more than 170 semiconductor companies in India which are working in the areas of embedded software development, board designing and the chip designing. However, not every company carries a collective experience of 50 years in their workforce. Based out of Bengaluru, Insemi Technology is focused on Design Service in VLSI, Product development in Embedded Systems and a Bridge between Academia and Industry. Insemi mainly has 3 verticals VLSI design services, Embedded/IoT design services and EDA tool development. Insemi engages in these domains mainly in three business models Time and Material, Turnkey and Off-shore development center(ODC).

Insemi’s VLSI expertise is in Foundation IP-Memory Compiler/Custom, Analog, IO and Standard Cell, ASIC Domain - Physical Design/Verification and Technology /Infrastructure - CAD, PDK and Techfile Development & QA. Since starting services in 2016, Insemi has focused on building an organization that is now capable of penetrating into who's who of the semiconductor industry in this
short time. Their Embedded Systems team is focused on Complete product development know how on IoT, PCB Schematic capture, layout design, Complete product analysis and Embedded Software and App development.

"Insemi, as a solution provider, is focused on developing state of art framework for every new technology"

Arup Dash, CEO, Insemi Technology informs that over the past few years VLSI has seen dramatic shift in technology as it has moved to Finfet methodologies. The amount of time a technology node is being used has increased. This has caused companies to think about optimizing their designs more which has increased services demand by quite a bit. “We have the critical mass already assembled to take on the next big step”, adds Arup.

Some Exclusive and Industry First Offerings
Areas like AI and ML, are also a key focus for Insemi. The company has been working on IoT which forms an integral part of the AI solutions. Insemi has been working on the IoT hardware edge for more than 3 years and has successfully designed & developed a rapid prototyping IoT Kit which helps small IoT/AI solution providers to quickly develop a prototype. The comprehensive kit can supports all sensors and peripherals. The rapid prototyping kit is completely an indigenous development a plethora of attributes considered. Insemi, as a solution provider, is focused on developing state of art framework for every new technology. The IoT development kit developed by Insemi, is the framework for
building any IoT product prototype. More over, Insemi is developing industry’s first AI-based memory compiler with many unique features. While the memory compiler is scheduled for release by mid 2019, there are other small innovations that have been developed and are in the process of filing patents.

Shreekanth Sampigethaya, President

Besides, Insemi has successfully executed multiple Physical Design projects to some of the top semiconductor companies of the world, ranging from hard-macros deliverables to SoC execution, spread of technology nodes and complicated ones. Insemi works in turnkey as well as resource augmentation business models.

The Insemi team, with 50 years of collective project execution experience has become a prominent name in the VLSI/Embedded domain. Insemi’s belief in managing clients’ expectations has earned them a lot of reputed and loyal clients in India. Spearheading to the overseas market, Insemi is all set to penetrate the APAC region and USA with their differentiated technology solutions & services.