Inn-think Technologies: Facilitating Full-Fledged CRM Solutions For Organizational Needs & Work Culture

Customer or Client Relationship Management plays a vital role in any company's success today. If you treat your customers well and understand their pain points quickly, there is no stopping in building a long lasting relationship with them. The companies and brands use various CRM tools for this purpose but, these tools have seen quite a lot of evolution over the last few years. CRM has become a necessary tool to tackle customer's complex needs. Inn-think Technologies, headquartered in Noida, implements a strategy that lets the businesses to manage their relationship with the customers, primarily focusing on customer retention and thereby boosting the sales rate with their product MAssist. The tool is accompanied by its apt tagline i.e. 'Think beyond CRM'. MAssist CRM is based on the belief that every organization is different and so is its requirement. There fore, Inn think focuses on providing customized CRM tools to its customers for their organizational needs and work culture.

Different and Practical Approach in CRM Services

Inn-think's practical approach in CRM services is provided through a product name MAssist which analyzes the client's organizational structure, then mix and match existing offerings and add customization if required. More so, MAssist not only streamlines work processes but works as an assistant in the hands of every individual in an organization. "The basic idea lies in why can't CRM be simpler like Facebook or WhatsApp, which users can themselves understand and start using", said Nishita Bhartri, Co-Founder & CEO, Inn-think Technologies. After doing her post graduation from Leeds University, Nishita worked extensively in the CRM implementation in UK & India & felt the gap, which can be fulfilled by an effective technological product.

Unique Differentiators & Industry First features
Earlier in the traditional CRM process, one can access all the information and reports,
but you have to go and seek them; especially in larger organizations. MAssist constantly displays relevant information in the form of news feed, just like Facebook. Besides this, MAssist leading USP is divided into 3 different segments one is lead management which includes BFSI or NBFC's or banking financial institution product. The second segment is about providing a B2B level of sales. And, the third is the FMCG and industrial manufacturing sector for their field professionals who work in the after market and generate sales by visiting number of retailers every day.
Sankalp Bansal ,Co-Founder & CSO
Furthermore, MAassist works as an AI-based geolocation and tracking device, called 'CCTV Philosophy'. Traditionally, CRM works as CCTV cameras which are very essential and necessary as they record everything. However, it cannot really monitor all the employees, because one needs dedicated manpower to do so. But, with MAssist CRM tool the same CCTV camera is equipped with AI which automatically reports back or triggers an alarm if anything goes wrong in the organization so that the loss can be stopped and corrected then and there. MAssist is the first solution in the country which works seamlessly and tracks location even without DATA and GPS. The firm is coming forward with a similar industry first solution for keypad phones.

Inn-think focuses on providing customized CRM tools to its customers for their organizational needs and work culture

Inn-think Technologies' MAssist CRM has been implemented by a lot of companies. With the help of this tool, Inn-think has benefitted many companies to improve their future strategies and sales rate. Further, in terms of the CRM market, MAssist has introduced an entirely new concept to CRM tool which helps organizations to achieve customer relationship excellence. Inn-think believes that the basic concept of marketing remains the same, but still, every organization and the work culture's are different. Therefore, MAssist is an apt product, which can be completely customized to suit any working style and needs without bearing any cost for any such customization.