Infynect Labs: One-Stop Platform for Media & Entertainment Content Distribution

Kumaravel Muthusamy,    Founder & CEO

Kumaravel Muthusamy

Founder & CEO

With the pandemic that hit in 2020, people were forced to stay at home, even for work, to have their own and everyone else's safety. During this time, there was a rise in viewership of shows on OTT platforms as that was the only source of entertainment most people had access to. Since then, there has been a huge number of shows being launched on these platforms compared to regular television, numerous platforms have been established, just in the past two years alone.

Founded in November 2017, Infynect Labs is a one-stop solution provider for media and entertainment content distribution. With 50,000+ subscriptions and 100+ edge nodes, they have customizable solutions that offer agility, flexibility, and scalability with reduced complexity and total cost of ownership. Infynect solutions have got audited and approved by Telecom Regulatory, MIB, and leading broadcasters. They also have a self-developed Content Delivery Network (CDN), Digital Rights Management System (DRM), Transcoding, and Subscriber Management System (SMS).

Leveraging the Power of Tech
Infynect Labs provides comprehensive solutions for unified OTT+IPTV services leveraging their proprietary bluedge edge computing technology that sets them apart from their contemporaries. They provide customizable end-to-end solutions that take care of everything that is required by an ISP/MSO, irrespective of the size and area of operations, to instantly launch their own

branded OTT+IPTV Solution at an affordable price. Kumaravel Muthusamy, Founder & CEO of Infynect Labs says, "Our USP is our products, being a complete solution for ISPs, MSOs, and Hotels, as we at Infynect provide ready-to-use products with all-inclusive elements that the customer will ever need".

Infynect Labs is looking to offer an extremely budget friendly, pay-as-you-go solution that can swiftly transform MSOs into ISP, which can open up an entirely new market for an MSO to cater to

Infynect Labs aims at empowering the MSOs and ISPs with the finest OTT and IPTV technology that leverage the power of Edge Computing and the Edge Delivery of Media Content, thus boosting their capabilities and levelling up the ground.

Their path breaking 'Superlaunch Pack' provides the unique launch pad for the Internet Service Providers to start their IPTV and OTT solutions instantly. Infynect has partnered with the leading content providers and the leading Network Providers in India to offer an end-to-end and tailor-made solution for the ISPs where the complete scope from content sourcing to content distribution and delivery is managed by Infynect.

Their 'Smartlaunch' is one of the very few solutions developed in the country that has passed the very stringent regulatory requirements. The solution is designed for IPTV Services, keeping in mind the need of the Indian Cable Operators to remain competitive in the current environment with changing customer preferences.

One of the innovative solutions that Infynect Labs is looking forward to offering soon, is an extremely budget friendly, pay-as-you-go solution that can swiftly transform MSOs into ISP, which can open up an entirely new market for an MSO to cater to.

The Path Ahead
Lakhs of customers in India and across the globe are shifting from cable to internet based media consumption which is posing a great threat for MSOs while ISPs are struggling to fight against big competition like big telcos that offer Internet with OTT and Linear Channels.

Infynect Labs has been and would continue to address these issues in their solutions and provide a comprehensive setup that allows businesses to offer an ocean of premium content to their customers on a single platform through just a single subscription and single login, eradicating the issues of video quality, latency, subscriber management, and STBs that are not future-ready.