Infini Systems: Introducing the Social Platform Embedded CRM

Jigar P. Shah,DirectorWith the current ubiquitous situation of CRMs in the market, selecting and adopting a CRM for a business can be a lot like setting the sales team up on a blind date. Unfamiliar with the tool, the business' sales teams have little or no idea on how to work around the solution or how it will benefit them. Thus, leading to an awkward first impression filled with anxiety. With such uncertainty, it's only natural that sales teams struggle to warmup to the idea and whole heartedly adopt new age solutions. Infini Systems' Veefin CRM is designed to address the problem of adoption with an objective to gain acceptance from sales teams and to encourage the use of CRM by habit. Eleven years old, Infini Systems has been designing and developing digital and technological solutions. The firm has a services portfolio that ranges from Technology Consulting, Business Application Development Services to Enterprise Solutions for Ecommerce, CRM Solutions, and Digital Solutions.

Veefin Engaging Sales Team for Business Productivity

Veefin CRM is designed on the principles of social media and provides sales teams a platform to express and develop their identity in the CRM. The platform allows sales teams to stay connected with their colleagues, share accomplishments, follow and be motivated by fellow colleagues' achievements. These distinctive features make Veefin the World's first social platform offering CRM. A mobile first CRM, Veefin CRM automates every step from Lead Generation to Conversion so that the sales force spends more time selling rather than being buried under administrative work. "We have designed our CRM as a Customer Engagement Tool, to help sales teams to engage better with their customers and with in their teams, and to ensure high adoption of the systems. We have designed the solutions keeping in mind the end users to enhance our adoption quotient. The CRM backed with AI and voice to text are market changing features", says Jigar P Shah, Director, Infini Systems.

Veefin CRM is designed on the principles of social media and provides sales teams a platform to express their individuality

Unlike the conventional approach, Infini refrains from telling the customers to adapt to its systems. Instead, Infini Systems tweaks its product features to mirror customer preferences. Infini's Customer cum Employee Engagement CRM platform has helped mitigate the challenges associated with adoption and manual data entry. Moreover, Infini consults its customers on their sales processes by doing sales audits and plugging identified SOP gaps.

Infini Systems CRM is reinforced further with AI features as sizeable data is captured in the system. The organization also has a voice to text feature in the queue to be added to the CRM application. With such exceptional addons planned, Infini Systems looks promising to make an impact in the CRM industry, especially with Veefin CRM being the only social platform with CRM capabilities.