INDrone Aero Systems: Harnessing UAV/Drone Technology for Commercial Purposes across Industries

Anurag Joshi,  Co-Founder & Director
Anurag A Joshi, Co-Founder& Dirctor

According to a study by PwC on the commercial applications of drone technology, the emerging global market for business services using drones is valued at over $127 bn. With more and more companies looking to capitalize on these commercial opportunities, investment into the drone technology market continues to grow. Catering to applications like mapping, survey, surveillance, plant health and growth monitoring, inspection of structures, disaster management, thermal detection, and much more, is INDrone Aero Systems - a company founded by two Cranfield University graduates Anurag Joshi and Abhishek Somanagoudar. Established in June 2016, INDrone Aero Systems was set up with a vision to provide real-time high precision data to enterprises with the utilization of Commercial or Indigenous UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)/ Drones.

Headquartered in Bangalore, INDrone Aero Systems offers its solutions across four major verticals – Infrastructure which includes data capturing and generating reports for survey and mapping to get details of land like area and elevation, structural inspections (Real-time and Virtual), volu-metric analysis of stockpiles (mines and project site ), Smart city developments, water body
mapping, and watershed analysis, progress monitoring and surveillance of multiple sites; Energy which includes inspections for tall structures, thermal mapping, trans-mission line inspections and surveillance of solar plants, steel plants, and oil and gas installations; Agriculture and Forestry consist of crop monitoring, NDVI, crop loss estimation, water body mapping for insurance purposes, identification of tree cover and Disaster Management includes payload drop, search for a rescue, crowd monitoring, disaster assessment, and multiarea study.

"INDrone Aero Systems focuses on providing the clients with real-time Aerial data to help them make decisions which are going to benefit them over a period of time"

“INDrone Aero Systems focuses on providing the clients with real-time Aerial data to help them make decisions which are going to benefit them over a period of time. We have the right experience and tools to helpenterprises in taking smart actionable

INDrone Aero Systems Team

decisions helping them reduce their time for planning/monitoring, reduce operations cost and minimize the risk to human life. INDrone Aero Systems also builds custom UAV systems for requirements from clients or for
applications with a lead time for design and development. The data provided by the UAVs are utilized in three phases of the projects that are Planning, Monitoring, and Execution,” shares Anurag Joshi, Director, and Co-Founder, INDrone Aero Systems.

A Young Achiever
A winner of Karnataka Elevate 2019 Grant Award and Berkeley IAG Smart City Accelerator, INDroneAero Systems hasbeen funded by the Karnataka government to enhance the products and perform better applications. The organization also stood first in Drone Olympics - Aero India 2019. INDrone Aero Systems is also empanelled as UAV service providers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Government. It is one of the 15 startups to be showcased at Aero India 2019 and has been the first team to represent India and win podium finishes at SAE Aero Design sponsored by NASA and Lockheed Martin, becoming the first Indian team to get first place in design and presentation.

Today, INDrone Aero Systems has completed 300 + orders, having covered 200000+ Acres of land and having saved a great amount of human effort in harsh environments. The company is going strong with the momentum gained in the previous years. The organization is trying to step forward in future technology by trying to enhance the present features. About the future, Anurag says, “We have a new Tech platform being built which is going to enhance the experience and help the customers understand data from work sites, those software platforms will able to easily integrate data and help them make real-time decisions, helping them reduce cost, increase efficiency and avoid pilferage.”