iDiamondCloud: Bestowing Cloud-Based Software for Jewellery Management Systems

Eli Borochoff & Sudipto Haldar,  Directors

Eli Borochoff


Every industry envisages for a business management that could ease off the task and boost the performance in its respective area of expertise. In jewellery industry, the foremost priority would be given to keep aside the weighing paper based inventory burden from interrupting the function of the business. For being acclaimed for the art and precision in embellishment, the Indian jewellery industry continues dynamic in changing times. The jewellery industry has made advancements in technological disruptions manoeuvring the sector by allocating systematic accord of management functions. As a domain player in providing jewellery technology, US based iDiamondCloud with a branch in Lucknow propose to provide cloudbased ERP software for B2B and B2C programs. The company plays a significant role in helping jewellery industry to meet solutions in vivid ranges that can be employed for online sales applications.

Software under the 'Cloud' umbrella
During the early years of iDiamondCloud’s establishment in 2013, the jewellery industry in India kept records and inventory management glued to paper based operations. iDiamondCloud became a game changer by moving across jewellery industry realm in providing comprehensive cloudbased web application with a single database across the sum of units a company maintains. Through the expertise in this field, the company speculated the need of easy-to-use software.

The jewellery industry is on the carpet of rapid expansion, and iDiamondCloud’s software is already on cloud. iDiamondCloud’s application can be directly integrated with certain cloudbased
aggregators like Rapnet, Idex, Polygon, BlueNile, VDB, R2Net etc. for a business model that has finite number of fixed packages. The software permits a gateway for industries to crosscheck their lab certificate with GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL and AGS. “We have a feature wherein our application is integrated with Amazon and eBay.

The software permits a gateway for industries to crosscheck their lab certificate with GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL and AGS

If a jewellery retailer need to power online sale, they can integrate it to the e-commerce website and link it to Amazon or eBay store”, says Eli Borochoff, Director, iDiamondCloud.

By providing SaaS applications, the company takes care of software upgradation of new features, and makes sure that it gets activated to each and every client at once. Jewellers in the United States use QuickBooks for accounting purposes, where as iDiamondCloud being an open platform allows multiple plugin of software. “One of our clients from the USA opened a jewellery showroom where they wanted customisable software that can meet their purpose. They wanted someone who can guide them in the industry since they were new and not familiar with accounting and online sales. Our software turned out superficial to handle, and also enabled them to shift their paperwork to digital”, adds Sudipto Haldar, Director, iDiamondCloud.

Sudipto Haldar, Director

iDiamondCloud is all set to launch the newfangled version iDiamond Cloud 2.0. This new version incorporate numerous features including a voice response system, where a voice command given to the software can redeem the inventory, display how much stock is left, or even shows how much sale a particular sales person has done. The company intends to integrate AI into its software, which would help business to know what the current market demand is. As a company which is predominantly based out of the United States, iDiamondCloud is likely to expand its branches as well as operations in assisting jewellers in South Asian and European countries. Infusing iDiamondCloud in inventory management solution for jewellery business can let the management team focus on core business operations. The company envisions contributing for the smooth functioning of jewellery businesses’ day to day activities through its customizable cloudbased software.