iAvatarZ Digital: A Scientific & Data Ridden Approach to Your Marketing Requirements

Uma Shankar Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO

Uma Shankar Bharadwaj

Founder & CEO

A recent study conducted by com Score states that 54 percent of the ads paid by the advertisers are never shown to a human being. Many agencies today are duping brands by deploying bot traffic for gaining impressions. Additionally, many players of the online ad industry are making false commitments, giving rise to skepticism among brands. But iAvatarZ Digital is over coming this mistrust and bot infestation by understanding the objective of the campaigns well in advance and undertaking a thorough background check of the client partners. Established in 2008, Noida based iAvatarZ offers its client with quality services in display, mobile, video, rich media and email marketing solutions with major focus on data and optimization technique.

Towards a Marketing Revolution

In this era of rapid growth, iAvatarZ is the go-to organization for many brands for acquiring relevant data and target audience. Its in house data mining process and wide publishers/inventory pool offers an
exhaustive data that puts it up a
notch above its competitors. The techniques are based upon the user’s journey that is kept segregated in various clusters of demographics and behavioural patterns to seek unique targeting. Audience of various geographies and culture is sought by geographic targeting, vernacular language targeting and many more. On the other hand, for display and mobile advertising, iAvatarZ has created innovative and in house solutions, namely Adzin text and Link storm.

iAvatarZ is working towards being the first Indian ad network to be driven by technology and data with scientific approach

Link storm is a rich media ad serving technology, serving like a mini story board that assembles mini websites into one banner, which brands can deploy to gather quality traffic. Adzin text targets keywords on specific article and content pages that a user reads and gather insight on the customer interest. Uma Shankar Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO, iAvatarZ, proudly states, “We upgraded Adzin text into a multilingual platform where it will support more than 100 languages across the globe”. Being directly integrated into ad-exchanges and data platform, unlike other networks deploying DSPs, iAvatarZ is able to supply accurate data and inventory at lower price. However, inappropriate
matter has a knack for seeping during exchanges and remarketing strategies. This is prevented by brand safety tools to filter the unwanted data out. “This helps us to drive maximum engagements and ROI for any campaign,” explains Uma.

Reporting is one of the most vital aspects of any campaign. The analysis of the campaigns is done with optimization as a perquisite and iAvatarZ assures optimum results by deploying tools that help it understand view ability and grasp the nature of the audience or the presence of bots in certain cases. “We keep an eye on post click events with the support of advertisers/clients, like how user is interacting with brands creative and website,” explains Uma. After acquiring subsequent post click visit data from the clients, the client behaviour is traced back to the audience platform and partners that enables iAvatarZ to pin point the measures working out best for the brand, depending upon its objective.

What Lies Ahead

A recipient of IMPACT Digital Power 100 Icons of Indian Digital Industry 2013, iAvatarZ is aware that the market is becoming data dependent, thus it is working towards being the first Indian ad network to be driven by technology and data with scientific approach. It also intends to bring new technologies to Indian, South East Asian and Middle Eastern market that would detangle the clutter and help brands offer innovative services to their consumers.