humanIT: Catering to the Essential Underserved SMEs in Agro Business

 Anil Chennupati,   Founder & CEO

Anil Chennupati, Founder & CEO

The industrialization of agriculture has expanded a lot in the previous decades. Agro business may be a vital business for any country because it helps to create a self sufficient country in terms of food. Agriculture industries across the globe are constantly investing in latest technologies that specialize in quality, higher productivity and reduction in prices by rising all the operation. For processes like procurement, production and distribution, the Agro firms seek a strong and scalable ERP for Agriculture business, whereby they’ll simply maintain operation, product quality, money accounting, supply chain management and distribution. Bangalore based humanIT Solutions Private Limited is a product based software company that provides affordable business solutions to assist small & medium businesses.
Easy Use ERP
As many as 50 percent of SMEs and majority of agriculture based SMEs are established in rural segments of India, access to qualified work force is big challenge in rural parts of India. Lack of availability of qualified man power is also the reason for SMEs not able to adapt software to automate their business. humanIT focuses on delivering plug and play ERP which doesn’t require qualified workforce. Each ERP is designed in such a way that the training and learning are minimized to 90 percent compared to similar ERP software. This helps any SMEs,

"humanIT focuses on delivering plug and play ERP which doesn’t require qualified workforce"

particularly in the rural part of India to adapt IT in their business. Agro Hands by humanIT is an ERP Software designed for agriculture domain businesses. It has been widely adopted by businesses of southern parts of India. The software is rich with several advanced features, like advanced POS, manage clients, inventory management, advanced & customized barcode technology, price list management, message campaigns, discount coupons, accounting, user access levels and day summary. humanIT conducts various awareness campaigns to understand the necessity of adapting technology for their business growth.
With agro hands software humanIT aims to make agriculture businesses smart, safe and secure. Agro hands will help business owner in all possible aspects to save time, to make work easy, to protect business, to help in building brand and also work towards making good profits.

In the years to come, humanIT is working towards providing various business platforms like ERP Offline, ERP Online, Mobile ERP, and B2B Ecommerce Platform etc. By end of 2022, humanIT aims to enable IT services to million SME Users. More so, humanIT focuses to introduce agro hands to all parts of India in 2019.

Feature rich Agro Hands
1)Smart GST Billing
2)Stock Alerts
3)Advanced Inventory Management
4)Expiry Stock Alerts
5)Advanced Manufacturing Process
6)Batch wise stock and sales Management
7)Multiple Price lists Management
8)Access Business in Mobile
9)Business Intelligence Reporting
10)Helps to build good relationship with their customers by using message campaigns.
11)Business owner can access business info in his mobile.
12)GST reports and accounts reports will be automatically sent to accountant/auditor.