GoProtoz: Crafting Exceptional User Experience as Design-Driven Innovators

Udhaya Shankar D,Founder & CEO

Udhaya Shankar D

Founder & CEO

There are very few industries as dynamic and fast paced as UX(User Experience), and every year seems to bring in a new tide of trends, challenges, and talk-points. In recent years, product based organizations have laid tremendous focus on creating attractive user interfaces for their products. The strategy worked until customers evolved. Now, customers seek to understand the product's story and engage with it, rather than just experience a finished product. GoProtoz Design studio, headquartered in Bengaluru, was built on the foundation of science and design and the idea that all things can be intuitive if they are designed with a deep understanding of the human behavior. The company's goal is to help the customers to create engaging, usable product experiences.

"In the process of making successful products, business owners were more focused on bringing beautiful user interfaces on digital products rather than building usable user centric products that bring a real product success story. This gave us GoProtoz, an impetus to establish a firm that focuses on strategy first approach that could act as a catalyst with the entrepreneurs builds right product strategy according to the users' perspective", said Udhaya Shankar D, Founder & CEO, GoProtoz.
Game Changing Products and Services for Designing
GoProtoz has been expertise in UI UX design to proceed with innovative designs that will be a game changer for product user experience and helping in the cause of product success. The prime focus of the company is in UI UX design services for web, mobile, and desktop digital products starting from startups to enterprise companies. GoProtoz experts in UX research and UI/UX design bring innovative solutions for the product challenges and follow design sprints that integrate well with existing agile product teams. This is because GoProtoz team has experience in AI, IoT, and other emerging technology based product designs. All these factors make GoProtoz differentiators from other competitors in the market because it provides user experience design process and it is strongly supported with relevant user data. The company designs are backed with datadriven strategies to deliver highly successful product UX and state-of-the-art user research methods to test the product owners' hypothesis.

GoProtoz experts in UX research and UI/UX design bring innovative solutions for the product challenges and follow design sprints that integrate well with existing agile product teams

Furthermore, GoProtoz enforces design thinking approaches to their client organization for product design which helps in product innovations and emphasis on the importance of user involvement in the UX process. Interacting with users to gather feedback and design solutions specific to users' problems in the studio will bring innovation to the product. The company design UX that helps users to complete their goal efficiently and feel satisfied with their experience in the product journey.

Established in 2017 with such game changing services, GoProtoz succeeded in adding up more clients every year. The company has already delivered more than 250 projects since its inception. More so, the company in the near future will expand the business into different locations domestically and internationally. Additionally, GoProtoz will scale up the team to fulfill the market needs and also supporting businesses to overcome the market challenges. The essential purpose of GoProtoz is to craft products that can perfectly mix with class and simplicity by making topnotch products that are intuitive, easy to operate and that create life changing experiences.