Lollypop Design Studio: Designing An Inclusive Architecture for UI/UX

Anil Reddy,Founder

Anil Reddy


After the latest advent on 5G, the world is expected to enter the era of quick response making people less patient enough to stay in a website or mobile application if it takes minutes to open. Since customer experience is key to any business, technology firms resort on the User Interface or User Experience applications for increased customer retention. Having an insatiable thirst to position India as a digital design destination, Lollypop Design Studio headquartered in Bangalore has a stupendous reputation in delivering quality and bespoke designs for mobile websites, and online tools & software. The company began as a sole proprietorship in 2013, was then incorporated as Pixitree Digital Creatives Private Limited and later emerged as a brand in 2015.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India was not ready for investing in experience design and was focused on product investment during the early days of Lollypop's establishment. The company sustained with scores of projects coming in from New Zealand on behalf of its Founder and design director Anil Reddy. Lollypop believes in designing meaningful interfaces that are
correlated to providing strategic solutions for the target audience. In the process, the company understands the needs, requirements, preferences and objectives of every stakeholder and engages in the steps of UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Front End Development, and User Testing for a lean design consultation. Other processes include rapid prototyping, which beholds the ability to explore and realize concepts quickly during a specific problem. Furthermore, the design audit process helps pinpoint less than perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users and incite low conversions. UX audits are an important step in the design process since it enables the designer to see the nature of the landscape for a particular component or workflow. "The availability of quality talent with reasonable expectation was quite limited. The UI/UX field is still disrupted with big corporate houses paying exuberant salaries to fresh graduates", says Kruti Reddy, Director, Lollypop Design Studio.

Every project designed by lollypop goes through rigorous brainstorming, open discussions, ideation, and suggestions

As a team, Lollypop has shifted from UX design to Product Design. By adopting a strategic consultation role, the company works extensively alongside developers in order to ensure that the new technologies are ready for user adoption. After spending ample time on research about user expectations, pain points, preferences, and tastes, the company curates an experience tailored specifically for customers. Every project designed by Lollypop goes through rigorous brainstorming, open discussions, ideation, and suggestions. The team comprises of individuals who share a passion for designing. The company has worked with 250 clients across 14 countries including Bajaj, Myntra, Viacom 18 and Aditya Birla, while crafting solutions for 25 plus domains. Lollypop has been ranked among the best UX UI Design studios globally and has bagged accolades on national and international platforms. Recently, the company has collaborated with the software giant Teralogic Inc. in pursuit of providing holistic end-to-end solution from design to development via the offices in India, USA, Dubai, and Vietnam. Lollypop envisions in `humanizing technology' and contributes to significant developments in UI/UX design domain across the globe.