Global Marketing Services: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Innovative Solutions

Kishore Maddula,    CEOSemiconductors are the building blocks of all modern electronic devices, and the multi-billion dollar market is a global industry that is driven by technological advancements, consumer demands, and industrial applications. However, the industry confronts challenges such as a shortage of supply chains, production facilities, technological complexities, environmental concerns, and skilled labor. Therefore, selecting the ideal sourcing partner is difficult yet essential for a company's expansion.

A leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing tools and materials is disrupting this space with its exceptional support, decades of experience, and competitive pricing. The organization aims to develop and deliver innovative technology driven solutions that could accelerate research and development and address the low to high volume requirements of the country’s advanced microelectronics sector. Global Marketing Services has been supplying semiconductors and microelectronics core equipment and materials for more than two decades, offering a range of products such as plasma power supplies, sputtering magnetrons, space-grade solar cells, semiconductor process tools, silicon wafers, photoresists, and more. Adding to its catalog, the company also offers customized solutions for electric vehicles, medical electronics, lighting, and organic PV.
"We source equipment and tools from top OEMs from across the globe, required for semiconductor fabrication and packaging. Global Marketing Services offers a complete range of services and has a good infrastructure for after-sales support", informs Kishore Maddula, CEO, Global Marketing Services. What separates Global Marketing Services from other players in the market is its commitment to quality by leveraging new and innovative technology. This enables the organization to serve clients from a wide array of industry verticals with assured-quality products and help meet their business goals. Global Marketing Services has a team of seasoned professionals who bring to the table more than 100 years of combined experience. Their expertise enables them to understand the needs of the clients and attain tailored solutions for them. This has helped Global Marketing Services to establish a dependable supply chain and acquire clientele with some of the elite firms such as ISRO, DRDO, Bharat Electronics (BEL), the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), CSIR, Centum, Ola Electric, TVS, Grinntech, and more.

Global Marketing Services offers a one-stop shop & R&D solutions to help develop products with the help of its highly qualified team of professionals

Global Marketing Services, in over two decades of its presence in the market, has achieved several breakthroughs. "The first milestone was working with the UK based company called Applied Micro engineering, which had a unique product to offer in wafer bonding technology. Another big milestone was working with Topsil Wafers, who supply wafers for all power device conductors in the world. Our channel partners are unique in their product range, and the OEMs we work with specialize in their area, such as Azur Space Solar Power", adds Kishore.

Global Marketing Services has amassed a 30–40 percent market share in the last 12 years, indicating significant market capitalization. With a robust roadmap, Global Marketing Services aims to educate fresh graduates and provide them with opportunities to work in laboratories to gain hands-on experience. The organization also wants to leverage novel technology through constant R&D, such as printed electronics, smart displays, and EV batteries. Global Marketing Services is committed to providing for all the needs of its clients through customizable solutions and wants to emphasize low-volume projects for startups. The organization aims to exponentially grow and dominate the space to become one of the key contributors to India’s semiconductor and EV advancement.