• Dxcorr : A Recognized Brand for Silicon-proven, Leading edge Physical IP Solutions
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    Dxcorr : A Recognized Brand for Silicon-proven, Leading edge Physical IP Solutions

    Due to the increased demand for smaller electronic devices, the growing use of the Internet of Things, and the rise of high-tech consumer goods, the semiconductor market, which was valued at $27,788.29 million in 2022, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.56 percent by 2028. By virtue of their unique electrical qualities, semiconductors can serve as the foundation for computers and other electronic devices, making them a primary component in wearable health monitoring, entertainment gadgets, and smart home technology, which is a major driver boosting the industry’s growth. DXCORR Design. creates embedded physical IP configurations for a broad array of SoC architectures. Due to the skilled physical design teams, exact custom blocks, and highly optimized physical IPs, the company is...

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