GEM9: Implementing Reliable Jewellery Business Solution using Tally Software

Sunil Ghumatkar , DirectorBuying jewellery is an emotional experience and therefore majority of jewellery purchases happen in store rather than online. Moreover, no trusted marketplace exists which gives both customer and retailer, the confidence to buy and sell online. Most of the purchases are done offline and the jewellery industry has not yet got comfortable with embracing rapid developments in technology. However, all this is changing as jewellery tech is taking directions in the market.

Headquartered in Thane, Apex Actsoft Technologies Private Limited is a software company managing jewel tech software using a unique solution called GEM9.

“The idea was conceived around 7 years back in 2012 when we realized the need of a practical solution for Jewellery business industry. So far we had never seen Tally on a counter of the jewellery industry. This called for a huge opportunity for a practical solution developed in tally for the jewellery industry with a view to make their day-to-day processes simpler and hassle-free”, said Sunil Ghumatkar, Director, Apex Actsoft Technologies.

Within the platform of tally technology and practical experience over the years, the company has introduced GEM9 solution an innovative jewellery business solution that answers every user’s needs. While designing the solution, Gem9 have tried to leverage Accounts, Inventory and Statutory Compliance features of Tally and have clubbed them with its experience of designing simplified solutions with good power of delivering strong MIS reports.
GEM9 STANDARD continues to be a preferred choice among all the segments in this business for single location retail shops, wholesale or wholesalers and retailers managing single location. Further, GEM9 PLUS is an additional advantage for single location retail shops that prefer to utilize barcode management system along with other basic features. GEM9 ENTERPRISE edition efficiently handles MultiShowroom Management with Online Branch connectivity to business with multiple locations, which provides your Head office with complete visibility of day-to-day activities at the showroom with regards to sales and stock positions of the various branches. Essentially, GEM9 keeps evolving as the business grows and is a robust tool to manage users’businesses.

Jewellerywala Tally GEM9 involves making use of both Accounting and Inventory features of TALLY.ERP9, and makes available a solution equally useful for users and management

Gem9 Success
Gem9 is proud to assist PNG Diamonds, the Pune based pioneers in jewellery business segment. The client managing its 17 locations was initially using Tally.ERP9 for accounts management and a different software for Jewellery business management of Billing and stock trackings. Gem9 is successful in merging the information of all 17 locations along with the HO including orders, deliveries, stock on display as well as goldsmith management linked with interbranch transfers in a single software solution. Most importantly it provides the accurate information on diamond stock which is treated as a very high value commodity.

Vishal Shetty, Director

Gem9 is implemented in more than 200 locations nationally. Gem9 aims to provide this hassle free solution to the jewellery industry at a national level with the help of Tally partners network spread across the nation. Gem9 is now planning to develop mobile app in near future which will be easier to connect allowing the user to get the update wherever required. Evidently, Gem9 operates along its motto to improve customer experience and make work processes userfriendly for the jewellery industry.