GDD - A product design studio: Team of Passionate Designers Adding Value & Delight to Brands

Sharad Chauhan,Partner & Principal Designer

Sharad Chauhan

Partner & Principal Designer

The world right now is going through a rapid digital transformation. The COVID Pandemic has brought in a new normal where almost all customer touchpoints are digital. The brand value of products depends a lot on these seamless touchpoint experiences. It is now vitally important for organizations to consider the user's thoughts, feelings, and responses while designing a customer's journey. The experience that we want to put our end user through ultimately should create positivity and reconquest of the mind when dealing with this post pandemic world!

GDD is a multi-faceted design studio that believes in user advocacy through UX design and keeps an open-minded empathetic attitude towards user problems. Founded in 2015 by two seasoned design veterans Saibal Datta and Sharad Chauhan ­ GDD design studio is focused on providing global standard UX/UI design services and will become an enabler of creating such digital experiences for its clients. We will keep creating products that can fit into the everyday lives of our consumers and businesses. Not to just make their tasks easier, but also creating effortless experiences that change the way the users perceive a task through attainable actions.

The GDD UX/UI team focuses on a tailor made 5S process to create the user experience of a digital product. It helps product companies to strategize their product with design thinking approach. Strategy to Scope, then onto Structure, Skeleton and finally Surface. Our
collaboration tactics with the client side also ensures that everyone is always kept on the same page!

Our 5S process starts with under-standing business problems and user goals to create a robust product strategy, following which we move onto a scalable UI framework and end at final pixel level execution with visual design.

GDD provides a wide range of UX/UI services from UX Research, Digital Product Design, Wireframing, and Visual Design to UX Audits. The company's diverse set of design skills combined with the ability to create tailor-made plans for the clients has generated many success stories over the years. The GDD team has a proven track record of working on projects where complex situations at the stake-holder end were solved. For a reputed Indian MNC in the Hospitality sector, the team of experts at GDD acted as an extended team. After conducting a thorough understanding of the company's B2B product, the GDD team re-designed it in record time to hand over the baton to the Hospitality major's internal dev team.

GDD has often rescued enterprises from flawed UI designs that had left their businesses disconnected from their consumers. In one such instance, a multi-brand app came up with the challenge of designing a UX without compromising the brand guidelines of each brand within the app. The GDD team came up with an offbeat approach of creating a neutral design language and emphasized each brand on their respective sections, and made a balanced approach to solve both business and user problems.

"We are big believers in adding value to the brands. Our clients so far have been wonderful and liberal enough to understand our approach, and nothing makes us happier when they tell us that GDD is a big part of their success story!" ­ says Saibal Datta, Founder and Chief Designer-UX/UI.

Aiming Towards a Collaborative Future
GDD is focused on continuing to provide global standard UX/UI design services for its clients. The upcoming decade is the era of a multidisciplinary approach where collaboration is vital to any brand's success. In regards to that, Saibal Datta says, “we love collaborating with our clients. In tandem, the ideas and thoughts that the business side brings to the table can work wonderfully with the design ideas we propose.”

As a future-driven Design Studio, GDD wants to expand its horizons by collaborating across projects that enable them to create a major impact. “we want to get into HMI design for auto-mobiles, Conversational UI and UI for multi-devices. Our focus will also be towards UX research driven projects. We love interacting with the users to understand the goals and pain points in motivating us to create custom made solutions that can be timeless.” ­ concludes Saibal Datta, Founder and Chief Designer-UX/UI.