Fusion VR: Increasing Productivity and RoI by Deploying Cutting-Edge VR Solutions

Dr. C.S S Bharathy,Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Dr. C.S S Bharathy
Founder& Chief Operating Officer

As per the 'Top-10Strategic TechnologyTrends–2018’revealed by Gartner, virtual immersive technologies hold 7th position in the list. In the latest Hype-Cycle for Emerging Technologies from Gartner, VR and AR are leading in the graph over thousands of currently available Top-Technologies. But many companies are yet to realize the benefits of these top notch technologies. With competitive VR/AR content, companies will not only be increasing the production efficiency but also reduce the risk of accidents before a project has been executed. However, escalating training costs are limiting many businesses, especially SMEs to adopt these novel technologies.

Acknowledging this wide gap in the adoption of VR/AR systems, Chennai based FusionVR,an offspring of Global Institute for Stereovision and Research(GISR)offers cutting-edge solutions for various industries that make training less expensive and more intensive. Dr.C.SS Bharathy, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, FusionVR says, “Being the first company in India catering to VR-technology solutions with in-house indigenous
hardware/software solutions,since year 2012, FusionVR team has gained incredible domain knowledge. We understand that traditional training methods have lesser effect on productivity; so, FusionVR delivers training solutions that are interactive and can build customization high intensive solutions that appeal to every gamut of training.”

"In the billion dollar market of VR/AR, FusionVR is ideally placed to deliver Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality products and projects."

Taking the early adopter advantage in VR/AR field, FusionVR achieved a trustworthy name through the comprehensive solutions and one of- its-kind products. The flagship product, WeldSim,a VR welding simulator provides kinesthetic memory skills and proper welding techniques in an engaging virtual environment, without the need for consumables like metal, gas and high electricity. Going to great lengths in VR/AR applications, FusionVR rolled-out the signature product,'ImmeX-Zone'.ImmeXZone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India, Singapore and Dubai during 2014 and provides immersive 3D 360 visuals which includes additional sensory information, such as 3D positional sound and physical FX such as vibrators, pokers, ticklers, blasters, Hot/Cold Air, Aroma and many more to experience the real life effect. “Today clients are looking at technology to deliver solutions and products that improve productivity, save cost and increase profit. Most of the technology vendors offer cosmetic solutions that look good but may not directly help in better ROI.
FusionVR works on the primary objective of increasing bottom lines with an eye on ROI for our esteemed customers, ”explains Dr. Bharathy.

With more than 12 years of experience in 3D Visualization, Stereoscopic imaging, Animation, gaming and other related fields, FusionVR has evolved to a providerof customized interactive training solutions for our Oil and Gas, Automobile, Aerospace and Medical customers ranging from private to Government agencies including Defense. “Over the period, we have learnt about the Pros and Cons of the medium. We are aware of what not to do with this technology, which we believe is more important than what to do, because the wrong usage and pushing the limits will severely affect psychological and physiological factors of the users,” mentions Dr. Bharathy. Apart from domestic clients, their services also extend to countries such as Singapore, Gulf, UK and Australia.

In the billion dollar market of VR/AR, FusionVR is ideally placed to deliver Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality products and projects. Speaking about the future plans,Dr. Bharathy shares,“Without doubt, our clientele, expertise and revenues are growing year on year and we are reinvesting most of our revenues in R&D to create an intelligent-Modular platform, integrating a lot of advanced features. This way, we can achieve very-high quality products in a short development time, which incurs considerable reduction in the cost that will mutually benefit FusionVR and our customers.”