FirebirdVR: Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences with Virtual Reality

Akshay Rathod, Co-Founder and CEO,Dayanand Kamble, Co-Founder, Head of Product and Strategy
Akshay Rathod,Co-Founder and CEO

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as proof of concept have been around since 90s. While they have been in use in limited areas such as Astronaut Trainings and limited Gaming industry,the rapid technological advances in this sector have led to tech giants such as Facebook vesting their focus and money in this domain. Akshay Rathod, a VIT, Mumbai alumni and Founder and CEO of Firebird VR,was amongst the first few to recognize the potentials of VR and ARin the industry. Quick enough to understand business applications and benefits of VR based solutions; soon, Akshay approached various companies for projects on his own and this is where he met FirebirdVR’s Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, DayanandKamble. An IIM Graduate with strong tech and business knowledge, Dayanand was prompt enough to latch on to the idea immediately and proposed to share the dream together. Since then, the duo has covered a lot of ground. FirebirdVR is also in the process of formally on-boarding its third director, Yogesh Surwase as Chief Operating Officer who has been known for being one of the pioneers to have set up VR Based gaming zones in Pune.

From manufacturing and selling Google Cardboard Viewers in 2014, to now developing and managing the show of FirebirdVR, Akshay Rathod is an expert in VR
technology who is known for walking the talk. "At FirebirdVR, we offer customized range of solutions for various segments such as for Real Estate where we give an immersive experience of a guided tour of the property at potential customers’ doorsteps; Education where we give a new Dimension to learning with our GuruVR Systems; Fashion industry where we offer the audience a first seat experience in VR; VR for Business; 360/VR Photos, Videos & LIVE Streaming; Retail in VR changing the way consumers interact with the world and Virtual Reality Gaming which has been dreamed about almost as long as video games and especially 3D Games have existed,” says Akshay Rathod,Founder and CEO, FirebirdVR.

"Devoting its focus towards the education industry, FirebirdVR is developing a new platform ‘GuruVR’ which is designed to provide focused and more illustrative learning in engineering curriculum in India"

Devoting its focus towards the education industry, FirebirdVR is developing a new platform 'GuruVR'. Derived from the Sanskrit word Guruvar which stands for teacher, GuruVR is designed to provide focused and more illustrative learning in engineering curriculum in India.“We chose to take up engineering curriculum in particular, since, according to a recent survey, less than 10percent engineering graduates are employable. We will be developing an in depth and focused learning stream that will help the students learn the concepts much better and develop skillset,”mentions Akshay. After thorough product management cycle and user responses,an extension to education platform, GuruVR will also be adopted in industrial training for employees.
While FirebirdVR was set up in 2015, the firm was legally rolled out in early 2018. During this course the firm has worked with some of the leading players in multiple industries, some of which include BCG – Boston Consulting Group – Mumbai office, India Intimate Fashion Week(IIFW)and more.

Dayanand Kamble
Co-Founder,Head of Product and Strategy

“At FirebirdVR, we have two major operations. One where we act as VR and AR consultants, design and develop customized solutions for our clients, and second, where FirebirdVR's research wing that is working on developing solution platforms in VR and AR. We love what we do and I think that’s what trumps everything. The solutions provided to our clients stem from the fact that we at FirebirdVR treat it as our own business and then implement consulting actions on it,” says Dayanand, Head of strategy, who thinks continuous innovation is key to the success of the firm. "We are watching industry patterns change and newer patterns are emerging. It is seen that the inclination for the industry is to graduate to AR and AI, which is where FirebirdVR will also expand in coming years," adds Dayanand.

In the years to come, FirebirdVR plans of marketing research through VR based Data analytics. Similarly,the GuruVR platform, once fully developed, shall be expanded to streams of learning otherthan engineering.