Essmark Technologies: Making Brands Visibly Sounding

People are becoming accustomed to digitalization in an evolving urbanized setup deluged with marketing strategies, information overload, and innovations. Here, digital signage exhibits an advantage that goes beyond what is possible with a printed point of purchase signage that only gets displayed when the customer is in the shop. To grab the attention of the customer, it has become necessary for display boards to appear where it matters. Essmark Technologies supplies LED and LCD digital screen solutions for companies with a fistful of services in digital, manufacture, installation and maintenance. The company is obliged towards making an experiential presentation of content that accelerates the branding power of organizations.

Multiple Digital Signage Features at One Stop
Essmark Technologies headquartered in Hyderabad has exponentially elevated the bar of digital signage with products across interactive way finding displays, touch kiosks, queue management system, digital broachers, and stock exchange content management systems. Using the advanced software solutions such as cloud based digital signage, the company assisted organizations in creating effortless management of information that can be controlled on one or multiple screens regardless of the location. Organizations are provided with a number of options regarding the selection of the convenient OS, and multiscreen support across regions that has to be managed. Being the newest product in the line, Essmark Meeting Mate is a modern approach for managing boardroom meetings efficiently. Essmark Technologies'digital signage applications are utilized across various verticals such as government, sports,banking, healthcare, education, and transport. The digital signage's application helps government organizations to improve inter departmental and inter office communication as well as share critical information regarding disasters or crime

Essmark Technologies has transformed and empowered the area of transit advertisement by working with location based GPS activity conducted in buses

alerts. By enveloping cutting edge features such as smart schedule technology, report generation for proof of play, device activity & audience metrics, configuration for emergency alert systems, automatic updates, and creation of large video composed of multiple screens, Essmark Technology cover a vivid range of solutions essential to meet the needs of organizations. "We specialize in smart LED solutions that create a wow factor for brands. Our LED walls made of SMD/DIP technology are weather proof, long lasting and customizable according to preferences", says Ashok Kumar Nuthalapati, CEO, Essmark Technologies.Ashok Kumar Nuthalapati , CEOEssmark Technologies has transformed and empowered the area of transit advertisement by working with location based GPS activity conducted in buses. The GPS tracker in the bus identifies the locations where the advertisement needs to be played and runs it over the screen installed inside the bus. Essmark's solutions helped businesses that use beacon technology to trigger functions that can manage their digital signage. By providing custom FYI Beacon hardware, software development kit and tools for implementing own beacon app, the company guarantees a viable compatibility with AdHawk analytics and reporting for clients. Essmark's digital signage also avails interactive feature for kiosk that can display content using face detection and other sensors, and play logs when an interactive element is engaged. Equipping businesses with LED displays for various applications, the company also cares to accommodate a 360 degree solution that includes hardware, Software, installation, customization, content, and support.