Elveego Circuits: Proving Competencies in High Precision Circuits Design

Kalyan Chakravarthy B, Director, Uttamkumar S Ningthoujam, Managing Director & ,Ravi Sanker Yadavalli, Technical Director

L-R)Kalyan Chakravarthy B, Director, Uttamkumar S Ningthoujam, Managing Director & Ravi Sanker Yadavalli, Technical Director

The Global Semiconductor device market is expected to witness significant demand over the next seven years due to the growth in sectors like 5G, Autonomous Things, Augmented Analytics, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing etc. Improving technology trends in current markets have increased demand for high precision, power and area optimized designs. More so, the need to launch such devices with much faster time to market demand these cutting-edge designs to be done with much shorter turnaround times. However, the industry is struggling with quality domain players who present a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey design services. ELVEEGO CIRCUITS is a one stop semiconductor turnkey designs and solutions provider specializing in design of Analog, Mixed Signal,RF and Digital ASICs. ELVEEGO has been successfully delivering high performance, area and power optimized designs to its customers which include Tier-1 Semiconductor Companies. ELVEEGO offers its design services under various models such as Turnkey Design, IP Development, R&D Services, Product Retargeting etc. ELVEEGO has also set up dedicated R&D teams for its customers. The company specializes in domains such as CMOS Image Sensors; Capacitive and Resistive Sensor Read-Outs; High Speed Interfaces and SerDes; RF Transceivers; Data Acquisition, ADCs, DACs, PLLs, CDRs, Power Management and Automotive applications. ELVEEGO Circuits has been successful in establishing itself as one of the trusted and leading providers of Semiconductor designs. ELVEEGO’s rich Analog, Mixed Signal, RF and Digital design expertise helps ELVEEGO deliver critical building blocks to the customers, giving them the competitive edge to succeed in today's ever demanding dynamic market.

The Leadership Team
Founded in 2010, ELVEEGO has till date delivered more than 50 projects successfully to its customers and these projects are used in the systems and products of various world leaders in the Electronics market. Led by Uttamkumar S Ningthoujam (Managing Director) and his co-founders Ravi Sanker Yadavalli (Technical Director), and Kalyan Chakravarthy B (Director), ELVEEGO has show cased proven competency in designing high-precision Circuits in domains such as, High Speed Serial Interface, Data converters, CMOS Image Sensor & MEMS ROIC, Power Management, Automotive
applications,RFIC designs, Clock circuits, Standard cell libraries and IOs. Uttam brings in around 19 years of Semiconductor Industry experience into ELVEEGO Circuits. Uttam has worked on various Analog and Mixed Signal IC Designs and successfully managed and led projects and teams in IC Design Startups working for various Semiconductor majors in Japan. Ravi brings in around 18 years of Semiconductor Industry experience into ELVEEGO Circuits. Ravi specializes in designing state of the art Analog, Mixed Signal, RF and Digital ASICs for various applications. Kalyan brings in around 18 years of Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design experience into ELVEEGO Circuits with proven track record of delivering many successful designs for various customers.

"Elveego circuits is a one stop semiconductor turnkey designs and solutions provider specializing in design of analog, mixed signal,RF and digital ASICs"

ELVEEGO operates as an end-to-end turnkey design service and solutions provider. The company works right from system architecture & conceptual level design, feasibility analysis, foundry and technology selection, to Design and GDS delivery. ELVEEGO also participates in Silicon testing and remains a part of the product development process until the customer is ready for mass production of the chip. ELVEEGO handholds the client right from product designs to development. The company also supports by taking care of few product development processes as per the customer’s needs. With the cost of developing a new semiconductor fab anticipated to surpass USD 5.0 billion, more and more IDMs are adopting a fablite outsourcing model. Also, the shrinkage of technology nodes contributes to this change in adoption. The Fabless model continues to grow, especially in countries like China and India. In China, the Fabless model is growing exponentially, and in India, it has already started and is expected to grow. ELVEEGO is ready to take a head on challenge for this market demand through their turnkey design service partnerships with Fablite IDMs as well as Fabless companies.

ELVEEGO has one of the most inclusive engagement models for its customers. ELVEEGO engages with its customers under various models which are fine-tuned as per the customer’s needs. To excel in the turnkey design model, the ELVEEGO team needs precision circuits across foundries and process technology nodes, with shorter TATs that will enable them to achieve faster ‘time to market’ requirements for their customer products. Intensive preparation and design work happens in the background at ELVEEGO to create many re-usable generic building blocks that can be used in their customer’s projects directly or with some fine tuning. The teams at ELVEEGO are constantly working on designing next generation reusable building blocks targeting new and upcoming application domains. This helps in achieving faster TAT for their projects. ELVEEGO has also been successful in creating
and adding capabilities along the years in new and niche applications and technologies while delivering the ever-demanding design requirements of their customer products.

Successful Ventures that Testify their Expertise
So far, ELVEEGO has successfully delivered designs to various Semiconductor majors. ELVEEGO's customer base range from World leading Consumer Electronics giants to Venture funded Fabless product companies to leading IDMs. ELVEEGO designs have been used by most of the Semiconductor majors in Japan either directly or indirectly. The customer base has been primarily in Japan and Asia Pacific region until recently. ELVEEGO has started reaching out with their design offerings to customers in a plethora of geographies including the US and Europe. A World Leading Consumer Electronics giant has been a long term reputed member of ELVEEGO's clientele. ELVEEGO is also a partner to the Design teams of a 120 years old Conglomerate. Moreover, ELVEEGO has also delivered designs for projects of Space Agencies of some countries. Recently, ELVEEGO entered into a strong partnership with a Venture Funded Fabless company and will be an integral part of the team designing their product-lines.

Most of ELVEEGO’s engagements with customers are long term contracts under which ELVEEGO contributes in designing many variants or next generation versions of the customer’s products. A major chunk of ELVEEGO’s designs for a customer were not just a one-off project, but were executed considering scalability, product-line and long-term roadmap for next versions and enhancements etc. ELVEEGO’s performance and relationship with customers is testified by the repeating business from customers with whom ELVEEGO has been working since its inception in 2010.

Now,ELVEEGO intends to continue creating value and offer turnkey services to customers in various application domains. Further discussions are carried out with foundries, foundry partners and other Semiconductor ecosystem partners to expand the scope of ELVEEGO’s offerings to Chip delivery.As part of their domain expansion, ELVEEGO has deployed teams in Digital Design, Verification and Implementation as well. With such a rich portfolio and approach, ELVEEGO shows promises to emerge as one of the premiere names in the Indian semiconductor industry.