EezyyCRM: Customizable Simple Tool for the Complex Business Problems

Saravanan Palanichamy,CEOThe CRM platforms currently existing in the market can be powerful tools of collaboration, but far too often the way implementation is carried out makes the CRM tool overwhelming to users. There goes user friendliness aspect. More so, startups and SMEs struggle with the soaring prices of such quint essential tools. However, keeping up with the entire sales process is something not to be compromised with. Based out of Bengaluru, EezyyCRM was incepted to shoo off the bottlenecks with respect to the Enquiries, Clients, Employees and Finances that SMEs face. EezyyCRM is designed to manage the company's leads/enquiries, clients, Proposals, Proforma Invoice, invoices, support system, Project management, employees & employee daily timesheet, and finances (income & expenses with multiple Bank accounts) in a single panel. It has a highly customizable admin panel that allows the user to modify its features within minutes and according to the industry standards of the business.

The creator of this tool, Saravanan Palanichamy (CEO), has a long standing experience in handling clients for various industries. He had realized that most of the
startup, small and medium scale companies are lagging in maintaining their own customers, new leads, follow ups, invoice tracking, finances and similar important aspects. This lag was affecting their business and had become a margin call. The firms were losing a good number of potential clients as well as their existing clients in the long run. Therefore, Saravanan developed EezyyCRM to assist such businesses to dodge the obstacles that stand in their way to success. Leveraging this tool, the users can easily track the status of the leads, all the past activities & conversations with the leads, and easy reminders & notifications every day in the admin panel. This includes both current task and any old task which the rep failed to do in the past. The tool also has a daily To Do calendar which will help the users to plan their daily activity with notification alerts. With a lead pipeline system in this CRM tool, users can understand the position of all the leads/ enquiries in a bird eye view and consequently convert an enquiry into a sale. EezyyCRM also has both Android and iOS app which will make the user to keep every information handy. Eezyy's Research Team is currently working on more automation features which will be implemented in the near future.

EezyyCRM also has both Android and iOS app which will make the user to keep every information handy

Cost and user friendliness parameters often become a hurdle for startups or SMEs looking forward to deploying a CRM. EezyyCRM has addressed this issue as the CEO explains, “The cost and the easy to use interface are the main reasons which many customers are not using the CRM in an effective way. We have already addressed both, with a simple to use & easy to understand interface. With regards to the design and our pricing model, our tool is very much cost efficient even for a startup company”.

As mentioned earlier, EezyyCRM team is further working on introducing more of the automation with regards to additional tracking, reminders, and notifications etc. These efforts are driven by the objective to make this CRM even more flexible & robust in a way that every industry can use it with ease.