Edge CRM: For the Sales People By The Sales People

<style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Pragnesh Lodaya  Director,<style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Ravindra Warang Executive Director, Kailash Vele  Head - Technology

Pragnesh Lodaya Director

Ravindra Warang Executive Director, Kailash Vele Head - Technology

It is established amongst sales people that CRM systems are complicated and that, Excel was good enough for their needs. It is observed that somehow the sales workforce prefer multiple spreadsheets than a CRM system that opens a new window for each step. According to Gartner,(an organization with 24 CRM analysts) a CRM vendor has little to do with success. Whether a business deploys Salesforce, or Oracle, or IBM, Adobe, or SugarCRM, it does not matter. A vendor might be serving the right recipe of CRM, but the likelihood of success is far more dependent on how the CRM is implemented, which in turn, limits a potential client's adoption likelihood.

It's normal that employees will have natural skepticism of a new process or tool introduced to them, making it one of the prime reasons for the hesitance in CRM adoption. Over the years, businesses have expressed that the CRM industry should make the products easier to use, and focus on the core CRM features that businesses really care about. Modern CRM must be about helping customers and employees create meaningful and valuable relationships built around topics that matter to everybody involved. Less is actually more.

Taking a vantage point here, EDGE CRM by Tantragyan Technologies Private Limited has set simplicity standards for CRM as a productivity tool. The organization's approach towards making it simple to use for average users, registers for Tantragyan's contribution towards the CRM adoption rate in India. Tantragyan is a value driven business transformation services and solutions provider that facilitates businesses with custom -fit and ROI enhancing products. Evidently, EDGE CRM is the brainchild of such an approach. The product EDGE CRM is developed by a team Sales experts who have spent valuable years in the industry and have gathered resourceful experience. "We intend to deliver simplicity and that is one of our key USPs. We ensure utmost user friendliness in our mobile and web applications", says Ravindra Warang, Executive Director, EDGE CRM - Tantragyan Technologies.

EDGE CRM is a training zero product, as any organization which intends to use the tool should not require any amount of time to be spent in training. This causes the organization to lose crucial productivity time. More so, with its user-friendly dashboard allows businesses to plan a pre emptive sales strategy. In this effort to make the CRM
more and more user friendly, the team of EDGE CRM has leveraged the power of AI to streamline the input of data during account creation. Unlike contemporary CRM software that requires a lot of customer inputs for finally get the software up and running, EDGE CRM is designed to work its way via AI algorithms allowing users to just enter the web URL of their organization and the relevant details could be established. This reduces the time to get up and running by 12-15 seconds. So far as security is concerned, EDGE CRM boasts of a robust security framework that has multiple levels of role-based user access, allowing hosting on a preferred cloud service with full data rights and more.

EDGE CRM enables the top-seated of the management to have a clear visibility of the Sales layer

Implementation Matters

As mentioned earlier, it's the implementation that makes the impact even before the actual usage of the product. CRM, for one, has been a tool that has mostly gathered hesitance. To change this perspective, the EDGE CRM team takes a unique approach with the implementation strategy. The firm runs a campaign with the client organization, trying to understand the people and process and at the same time prepping the people to get used to the new product. This induces a certain level of excitement among the employees of the client organization to welcome the new productivity tool into their business process. More so, the team does a quarterly review to check if the product is well accepted and the business is profiting from it. Likewise, the company has various approaches and features for various levels/hierarchy of the client.

For the C-Suite

EDGE CRM enables the top seated of the management to have a clear visibility of the sales layer. 256 types of reports, that cover performance of past weeks to asking rate to lost days and lost business; everything is covered by EDGE CRM. Based on analysis of clients' customer buying pattern, EDGE CRM also sends alerts when a sales enquiry is to be initiated. This holistic view helps in accurate forecasting. Working towards customer retention, EDGE CRM provides Customer Engagement Score, which provides a monthly system generated engagement score for every customer. The system sends alerts if the engagement score is dropping or if there is loss of business from any of your active customers.

For Sales Managers

Sales reps are facilitated with a mobile app calibrated to work offline, thus ensuring that all data captured on the go are delivered as 'Morning Briefs' i.e weekly performance brief for sales managers. Quicker action plans and higher sales productivity are the by products of the data collection and catalyst for revenue growth. With its dynamic multidimensional target management system, users get 20 stat boxes of crucial numbers at instant reach. Thus, EDGE CRM enables continuous updation of action plans and timely course correction.

For Sales Operations

EDGE CRM allows you to plan, prioritize and manage the entire field force's tasks. As the team gets notified about their tasks, there is clarity on the way forward. This tool allows tracking and following up every client, suspect and task. Its seamless integration with other applications helps connect the dots through the organization thereby enabling the whole team to work in tandem. Amongst its numerous features, its in built Smart PDF Builder takes 35 seconds to create quotations. This feature can help with creation of proposals, proforma invoices, bills and more in customized template designs.