EckoMantra: Blending Innovation and Creativity to Enhance Brand Presence

Karunakar Jangam & Bhaskar Ghosh,Co-FoundersMost Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)and Startups cannot afford to have a full-fledged team for strategizing, planning and executing product design and marketing campaigns, soften end up in shaky situations, since their core strategy is developing a product or providing a solution. Identifying the need to bridge this gap under one roof, two dynamic entrepreneurs Karunakar Jangam and Bhaskar Ghosh stepped ahead and established EckoMantra Business Solutions, a design and development company driven by unrivalled UX/UI expertise at all levels of product design, development and marketing for companies.

Hyderabad head quartered, EckoMantra Business Solutions makes sure that all products undergo an extensive UX design approach user research, persona creation, prototyping, user testing, visual and UI design to make their clients remain abreast in the competition. Bhaskar Ghosh, Head of UX & Digital Marketing and Co-Founder, EckoMantra explains, “At EckoMantra, we provide Design, Development and Digital Marketing services; we call it 3D services. We have designed our offerings, specifically focusing on SMEs or
startups to strategize, plan and execute product designs and marketing campaigns so that we can cover their end-to-end, non-core but critical domain activities. We always gaze through to pick the best for our customers and propose them to implement the same. Be it developing a website or a mobile application, our UX/UI expertise has really helped us in offering a customer centric approach which in turn has helped our customers improve their offerings to their clients through their products or apps.”

We want to setup up an advanced UX design studio and usability testing lab where customers can experience their product from its inception to delivery

In their six years of journey, EckoMantra has successfully managed to bag more than 100 repeated clients across the globe, and the firm takes great pride in claiming that 75 percent of their business comes from customer referrals. “Our offerings are primarily process oriented with a lot of emphasis on quality and on-time delivery. We emphasize more on understanding requirements of our cus tomers to the last dot which helps us simplify and integrate tailor made solutions. Our ESI (Engage, Simplify and Integrate) methodology guides us in improving the standards of approaching a client’s requirement and ensures that the expectations of the deliverables are met in quality and time. This gives us
more number of satisfied customers who are comfortable working with us, who give repeat orders and most importantly, they refer our services to their contacts,” says Karunakar Jangam, CEO & Co-Founder of EckoMantra.

The real strength of EckoMantra is its passionate team which constantly strives to achieve the highest possible standards in their day-to-day work and the quality of services they offer. Revealing the company’s key to building an excellent team, Karunakar shares, “As a startup we always had the challenge of resources, but as a technology company we believe adjusting to rapidly changing technologies is critical in delivering solutions which are advanced and innovative and this is tough without quality resources. Hence, at EckoMantra we hire attitudes because we believe that skills can be improved by training but attitudes can’t.” Today, with a strong team of dedicated and passionate members, a key player in creative design, web & mobile applications, explainer Videos sector for several years - EckoMantra is looking forward to conquer more heights in this sector. “With rapid evolution of technology, multiple platforms and devices, customer engagement and with
penetration of AI in every segment there will be critical challenges posed in adopting UX. To address this we want to setup up an advanced UX design studio and usability testing lab where customers can experience their product from its inception to delivery. Also, we have plans to launch productivity and utility based mobile app powered with Artificial Intelligence to serve the everyday needs of working women and house wives,” concludes Bhaskar.