E Gov Service: A One-Stop Solution for e-Service Needs

Anghrija Basu Bhattacharya,   FounderTill recently, obtaining a document from a government department or bidding for a government tender was a long drawn and exhausting process. It required the applicant to fill in multiple and complex applications, wait in long queues for submitting the papers, visit the officer repeatedly and tolerate the indifferent attitude of the department employees. To reduce the hardship of the applicants, the government digitized the entire process and created suitable platforms for applying for the services. Although most of the bottle-necks were cleared, the application process was still complicated for the common man. The services of a knowledgeable person/agency were required to select the appropriate website and fill in the application. E Gov Service, a digital service provider, fills the gap and acts as a bridge between the users and the digital platforms. They accomplish the crucial task of educating the users and helping them utilize the digital services of the government. E Gov Service helps users reduce their dependence on unscrupulous brokers.

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Darjeeling, E Gov Service is a digital service facilitator. Anghrija Basu Bhattacharya is the proprietress and key person of the company. She is running this company with the help of her husband and a team of technically sound experts. Procuring digital signature certificates and providing e-procurement services are the main functions of the company. In addition, the company provides all G2C (Government to Citizen) services, an
integral part of the Digital India project. E Gov Service provides support to both government departments and the bidders in the e-tendering process. The company also provides free advice to users of government portals. Technical part is entirely managed by her husband and his team of technical experts. E Gov Service has been selected as one of the ten most promising e-signature providers in 2022.

Services Offered by the Company
E Gov Service facilitates all e-governance solutions. Some of the important services and facilities provided by the company are e-tendering, Digital Seva, professional tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Government E Market(GEM) services. The company markets USB tokens which are used in Digital Signature Certificate. E Gov Service procures MSME, EPF, domicile, and caste certificates for its clients, assists applicants in applying for government jobs, filing income tax returns, payment of road tax, and obtaining a driving license.

E Gov Service supports both government departments and bidders in the e-procurement process. The digital services offered by the company comprise submitting applications for PAN cards, passports, and facilities under Prime Ministers' Shram Yojana. The company also helps in uploading the life certificates of pensioners. The company assists the sellers in uploading product data for the GEM process. It assists both bidders and government agencies in the e-procurement process. The company also helps its clients with e-district related queries and issues such as obtaining trade licenses. Central Govt, State government and some PSU are the main clients of E Gov Service. The company also provides support to BPCL, Oil India Limited and IOCL vendors. They also cater to the digital signature, e-tendering, and e-procurement requirements of these organizations/ Governments.

E gov Service uses direct selling and personal customer contact as a business strategy. It does not use the services of channel partners. The company believes that direct sales help ensure better customer satisfaction. The company does not advertise its services. Satisfied customers are the ambassadors of the company and referrals are the main source of new business. This is the unique selling point (USP) of the company.

E Gov Service maintains good rapport with government departments and keeps itself abreast of new websites launched. The agency even attends workshops, conducted by the government departments, for training their officers on the use of the website. The staff of the agency is well equipped to answer customer queries and meet their requirements.

E Gov Service occupies a prominent position among its peers. Its' service and style of functioning have been appreciated by its clients. Its' vision is to become the best in the industry it serves. It hopes to provide its services to all over India in the future.