DSM Infocom: Building Life time Partnerships with Exceptional Experience

Manoj Poddar,CEO

Manoj Poddar, CEO

With the pace at which new technologies are getting introduced to the market, it can become complex to stay abreast with the solutions. More so,with Ciscoupgrading their technology offerings at a rapid pace, businesses that get or seek Cisco support, require a system integrator that can help them cope with the technology changes. Headquartered in Mumbai and Direct Point of Presence with their own workforce in 400+ Towns and Cities of the Country plus delivery capabilities across many countries across the Globe, DSM offers services involving Network Infrastructure Installation & amp; Management, ATM Maintenance Services, System Integration, Project Management, and Facility Management Services. The company focuses on System Integration and Services both onsite and remote. Device & solution implementation, remote configurations, management & amp; monitoring, and entry level monitoring &installing support to troubleshooting higher level configurations(Level 1 to Level 3 support)are part of DSM practices. This system integrator also
provides integrated services including device management, NOC Operations & amp; Management, and End point support. DSM shows equivalent competencies in offering integrated support to customers on network media management and service provider management.

"DSM shows equivalent competencies in offering integrated support to customers on network media management and service provider management"

Exceptional Accomplishments
DSM has been pioneering Network services. The company, with their 2 decades old experience in this paramount requisite ensures installation, set up and maintenance of high-end networking equipment involving multiple protocols. One of the very few companies who have currently installed, commissioned and are maintaining 35000 leased lines, ISDNs, MPLS,etc. in more than 22,000 nationalized Banks' branches across India. As a trusted partner for CISCO, DSM is managing support for CISCO equipments. Standing out among similar partners, the company enables SI focused on SLA based Solution Delivery, Services and Support ­ especially NOC Management, WAN Operations and support, NSP & ISP Management, and Workplace management. Currently, DSM provides NOC Support for more than 10000+ Nationalized Banks' branches. More so, the company has an application called MyDSM in place, for network management and WAN management, ticket generation,
call management and call resolution.

Procurement has been a bottleneck for many organizations irrespective of the industry they belong to. The dilemma of lots of channel & varieties of product makes it worse. Every asset is procured keeping the cost factor in the periphery vision. More so, it requires special skills to assemble it & create as a unit so that it can be used to do the operation. Maintenance & servicing for the entire time to enable it with 100 percent efficiency so that work is not affected ­No down time; is another daunting task.

Thus, organizations are bound to focus on these complex aspects, while letting their bandwidth exhaust. Instead, the bandwidth can be utilized in doing something unique and useful for the society. Result: un productiveness. Therefore, DSM provides Annual Maintenance Contract Break fix support of majority of the IT devices currently, supporting more than 100,000+ assets PAN India. DSM has a network operation center at Dombivili, and is aggressively working on setting up a state of art Global NOC at Indore. More so, DSM's future blueprint includes offering Managed Cloud Services & AI based proactive diagnosis customer support. With such an overwhelming account of offerings and services, DSM Infocom is headed to becoming one of the premiere system integrators for the Indian businesses and IT market.