DigiVed: Powering Multi-fold Growth in Shorter Periods through Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions

If binge-watching increasing number of likes, reach or clicks on your social pages is all you were promised by your digital marketing agency, think once again! Digital marketing has come a long way from its old school days and today plays a pivotal role in an organization’s success, whether it is building brand or creating new business. But few agencies with their cacophonous methods have taken clients digital marketing drive to nadir. However DigiVed’s digital marketing services are acerbic, mostly tailored to fit client requirement. But what makes the company unique? This RoI driven company runs on the DNA of ethics and values to fulfill every commitment made to clients. Because of this attribute, DigiVed has emerged as one of the doyen agencies that believe in elating clients with uniquely crafted digital marketing strategies. “Providing RoI and realizing the marketing activity objectives need strategical experience. This is where we come into the picture,” says Pandurang Pable, CEO, DigiVed.

DigiVed’s offerings are not in a capsule form to just pick and have, but each digital marketing campaign is crafted post detailed scrutiny of client’s requirement, their target audience, geography, competition and industry, and of course clients’ bandwidth to deploy the strategy. DigiVed then suggests a combination of digital marketing mediums to extract maximum benefit from the available resources for both long term and short term gain, thus invigorating RoI. The company even has created a platform to help clients who do not have lead
Pandurang Pable,CEO

We help clients identify their target audience, geographical location working for them, patterns and demographics, which gives them good end results

management software to manage leads. DigiVed’s platform helps to handle enquiries, crack it and convert to sales. With the help of the platform, the company maps a visitors history starting from the pages he viewed to sequence he followed. This helps DigiVed create a trail to derive the ideal winning path, post which it works on the website to convert more number of visitors into sales.

“We help clients identify their target audience, geographical location working for them, patterns and demographics, which gives them good end results,” says Pandurang. Through DigiVed dashboard, clients can measure their campaign success
on a daily or monthly basis to check the number of lead conversions into sales.

Alongside working as a digital partner, this Google Partner also acts as a Digital Audit and Training provider. Acting as a third party auditing firm, DigiVed offers Digital Marketing Audit, SEO Audit, SMM Audit, PPC/SEM Audit, Website Audit and Marketing Support Systems Audit to analyse whether the campaigns are relevant and fruitful for the organization post which provides actionable recommendations that guarantee business growth. Working on the vision to promote digital marketing, DigiVed even provides training workshops.

The Exemplary Organization

Built on the very foundation of ‘No Compromise’, DigiVed works as clients’ extended arm to craft fervent marketing strategies that promise multi-fold growth (around 200-300 percent) within a shorter timeframe. “We believe in that, hence have confidence to sign an agreement with any company if they are ready, be it any business or revenue size,” claims Pandurang. Under the eminent leadership of Pandurang, DigiVed is building products at pocket-friendly price tags for lower scale companies who do not have sufficient budget to use the medium. Currently working with over 200 elated brands in the real estate, healthcare and other sectors, DigiVed has created its 2020 blueprint that emphasises on forming a team with over 650 employees and a revenue growth of around Rs.110 crore.