DigitalCRM: Automate Online CRM Software to Increase Productivity

Hema Chawla, CEOCustomer Relationship Management(CRM)has experienced quite a rapid development in recent years. Nowadays, a lot of modern companies use CRM as a centralized storage of important customer data. DigitalCRM, headquartered in Delhi, operates on CRM Software which helps organizations to manage their customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity.

DigitalCRM empowers enterprises to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. DigitalCRM provides end to end CRM software that can automate the entire process of lead generation, sales management, marketing, and fore casting.

"We facilitate custom CRM development so that the CRM Software can be developed as per company requirement. We can install CRM Software on the company's server in order to allot full control over their data. The company can opt for an on premise CRM system, i.e. servers reside in the house and no limitation in terms of the number of users. Further, our online free trial of CRM software lets you experience all the modules with full functionalities", said Hema Chawla, CEO, DigitalCRM.

Hassle-Free CRM Software Services

With changes and improvements in technology, DigitalCRM is making their CRM Software fully responsive.
It delivers a full CRM experience on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices which enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage key information in real-time, wherever they are. Additionally, connecting through mobile CRM allows your sales team's access to customer data through a web based browser with cloud CRM. That's why learning and adapting to a new CRM system is essential for success.

DigitalCRM has considerable experience in developing Custom CRM Software for the past 10 years

DigitalCRM provides full support to customers including setup software online, create staff accounts, etc. As a part of the CRM deployment DigitalCRM take clients opinions and suggestions into account and involve users from the start. The system is easy to use and administrators can configure the solution and other administrator related tasks themselves.

There after, DigitalCRM also helps to streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing users' deals and help everyone in the team to reach the target faster. As order processing and preparing invoice are being automated in CRM, sales teams are able to reduce costs and increase sales revenue according to their benefit. Another way in which DigitalCRM can boost revenue is through higher sales conversation rates where the company provides all the details of leads to the salesperson for their better ability to sell.

Besides this, DigitalCRM has considerable experience in developing Custom CRM Software for the past 10 years. The company's team consists of expert web designers and software developers that have the skills and proven expertise in web and mobile application development. DigitalCRM also provides outsourcing of software development services and has developed over 1000 plus web applications and mobile apps for clients based worldwide.

One such service has been provided to 'ejobsite', which is job board software. DigitalCRM built a website for this client with lead module along with Facebook ads and after successful implementation, the company reported 50 percent increase in leads.

Having accomplished these feats, the company is now focusing on AI and Chatbots technology in future, so it can help them to grow more rapidly while involving more clients in this domain.