DIGIOTAI Solutions: A Complete Blockchain On-boarding Partner

Vijay Gunti, Founder & CTO,Swapnendu Mukherjee, Founder & CEO

Vijay Gunti, Founder & CTO
Swapnendu Mukherjee, Founder & CEO

With their custom and integrated platform, DIGIOTAI is able to innovate across IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality Tech stacks. Having worked on Blockchain Industry 4.0 Pilots across Automotive, Manufacturing Energy and Utilities Domain, DIGIOTAI has hands-on exposure on Ethereum, and Hyperledger. DIGIOTAI is a front runner in adopting the Industry 4.0 using digital twin, Industrial Internet of Things & AI stacks. “From Blockchain to Industry 4.0, we have been actively innovating to cater to the billions of users across the world”, informs Vijay Gunti, Founder & CTO, DIGIOTAI.

Blockchain, AI and IoT are currently the most happening technologies that have stirred almost every industry. The combination of three has the potential to provide a rare opportunity to progressive vendors to cut through the noise and bring real solutions to the market. However, harnessing the power of all three is severely understated.
The job is for the experts. Based out of Hyderabad, India and HQ in USA, DIGIOTAI Solutions is a digital transformation enablement partner focused on Decentralized /Distributed Ledger Technologies via converged efforts of Blockchain, AI and IoT.

"DIGIOTAI’s DICE platform is the next big thing for the Blockchain industry, which is an automation platform amalgamating IoT, ML and AI, managed on Blockchain"

Serving the Entire Value Chain:
Unlike various other Blockchain technology players offering Blockchain in silos, DIGIOTAI encompasses the entire value chain, right from data across varied sources like IoT, to managing the data into Blockchain. Post this, the company further applies automation through their unique and integratable platform called DICE (Digital Interoperable Connected Entity) enabling data sourcing, data analysis, data modeling and data automation. This beings an end-to-end cycle that can also be offered as a service.

From an architecture standpoint, DIGIOTAI has expertise in offering the entire portfolio of Blockchain - from backend databases to Middleware and Front End. This includes automation, monetization and leveraging Decentralized Apps (DApps). “We are an end-to-end Blockchain solutions provider identifying real-world issues to solve with our decentralized approach”, says Swapnendu Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, DIGIOTAI. Offering value-added insights towards identification of
unique Blockchain use case scenarios, has enabled DIGIOTAI to lay robust foundation for quicker Blockchain adoption. DIGIOTAI has created a first of its kind Drugs Track and Trace ensemble, leveraging Blockchain and IoT, for a Pharma major in Asia.

DIGIOTAI also worked on a Used Car Project for an Energy Major in Europe, where they leveraged out of the box stacks including IoT Telematics, BigchainDB, Ethereum and IOTA to create a data service history trail along with a custom computational logic to uniquely define a used car’s true value.

They carry deep expertise in managing complex infrastructures with Multichain, Private Blockchain and Hybrid Blockchain frameworks, having extensive hands on around varied Blockchains like Ethereum, Quorum, and Hyperledger. This goes with deep technology expertise around Solidity, Go Language, Sawtooth, and more, clearly standing out as few of many differentiating factors, making DIGIOTAI a true ensemble team of Blockchain innovators.

DIGIOTAI’s DICE platform is the next big thing for the Blockchain industry, which is an automation platform amalgamating IoT, ML and AI, managed on Blockchain. This platform is a flagship of DIGIOTAI and with such exceptional innovations and XaaS offerings, DIGIOTAI plans to bring in new solutions and angles to their Blockchain repertoire, thereby increasing their client base overseas and across India too.