DestaGlobal: A Linked, De-centralized and Self-Sustaining Online Platform for Farmers, Dealers and Manufacturers

Siddhartha Choudhary,     CEO

Siddhartha Choudhary, CEO

Agricultural technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, directly impacting the growing population tremendously. One such futuristic company, DestaGlobal, headquartered in Mumbai, has Agritech and e-commerce products connecting Ag Manufacturers (who sell through DestaGlobal’s platform) to Dealers (who buy from DestGlobal’s platform) and Farmers (who get deals on every product through a mobile app). DestaGlobal’s objective is to use their platform to add value to the Agriculture input ecosystem thus making a wide portfolio of products available to the farmers at the best price point.

To be able to run schemes on every product for farmers, DestaGlobal has e-commerce extension app named Siddhi Kisan. The app discovers dealers near them basis their GPS location;finds best offers on products they need to buy in a particular season and location, and enables networking with fellow farmers. This mobile application is available to the farmers at no cost. Additionally, DestaGlobal has a
mobile app for dealers to promote their products from their shops to villages around them. The DIY app, Siddhi Dealer, also gives insights to the dealer about the market and customers so that they can grow their customer base and take the right business decisions. The dealer app and the farmer app work in sync with each other. Dealer can run schemes for products of his choice, which goes live on the farmers’ app. The farmers can then book the product against a dealer. This booking is received as an enquiry/order to the dealer which he can fulfill by reaching out to the farmer. Otherwise, the farmer can also locate the dealer on the app’s map and then can visit the shop or call.

The platform gives flexibility to dealers to run special schemes for farmers from the comfort of their shop

Dealers – The key differentiator
Most of the e-commerce companies are offering to home-deliver certain products to the farmers, in turn by-passing the dealers. “We have invested many years in building a firm partnership with the dealers as we believe they are the key to make the ecosystem more efficient. For ages, dealers have been the face of many companies for farmers. They are the ones who have the real market insights, who understand the local soil, cropping pattern, socio-economic environment and psyche of farmers”, explains Siddhartha Choudhary, CEO, DestaGlobal. The platform gives flexibility to dealers to run special schemes for farmers from the comfort of their shop.
This helps dealers to build customer base, clear stock and in turn helps the farmers save money. Furthermore, since the farmers and dealers are live, the companies can interact, re-market and run schemes thereby increasing the marketing and sales effectiveness.

In an online connected system, as they say, sky is the limit. Farmers write reviews for the dealers they bought from, in order to allow fellow farmers to make informed choices. Dealers can understand how their current schemes are performing as they are bench marked against other schemes in the region for similar products.

With 100+ agri manufacturers ranging from seed, chemical, machinery and allied products and 1000+ dealers and 2 lakhs+ farmers on the DestaGlobal system, the plan is to keep perfecting the equation between the three key stakeholders.

In near future, the dealer can build tailor made advisory for his set of loyal farmers on the app. He can use the app to record details of his farmers and the system will automatically remind him to get done various activities in the farmer’s field along with products that are to be used. DestaGlobal is going to focus on building datascience capabilities and integrate AI systems so as to make the systems intuitive and the predictions and forecasting accurate. DestaGlobal aims to have a positive impact on agriculture by creating an ecosystem which is transparent, well connected and communicative with each other.