CUBEROOT: A Data Management Platform that Leverages Big Data to Minimise Digital Advertising Wastage

Atul Soni,  Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Atul Soni

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Data is one of the essential ingredients for a company’s success recipe. And the same applies to its marketing function too, where majority of a company’s annual budgets are spent. While companies may have access to a large amount of data, many of them fail to make judicious decisions when it comes to utilizing it to market their brands effectively. That is where DMPs have a very critical role to play, which is a software that centralizes the management of audience data and is deployed to optimize online advertising spend. And in certain cases may influence their offline spends too.

The Product

CUBEROOT, an indigenous DMP originating out of India helps its clients create relevant audience profiles by deploying its state of the art data management techniques to amalgamate proprietary client data (first party data like CRM, Website visitors, and others) and its own 10 Million strong mapped audiences (third party externally collated data).

Further by clubbing these sharply defined audience profiles with the Real Time Bidding (RTB) advertising platforms, CUBEROOT enables brands reach out to their
potentially true customers on digital platforms like Google, E-mail, Facebook, and others. This further helps minimising placement based advertising wastage that is currently rampant in the industry.

CUBEROOT helps clients leverage the services of a DMP with private deployment of the DMP in a highly secured IT environment

Product Positioning

The Data Management Platform is CUBEROOT’s flag ship offering. Apart from that, Private Label Offering, extensive Local Support, Omni channel campaign management, superior ad serving and others are some of the features which sets apart CUBEROOT from other DMPs. CUBEROOT's co-founder Atul Soni explains, “There’s so much a DMP can offer. Cuberoot, being a multi-faceted DMP, is a step ahead of traditional DMPs, by offering additional features which other DMPs do not offer. CUBEROOT is not just a DMP. It’s much more!”

Use Cases

CUBEROOT services are segregated based on Marketer's and Publisher’s requirements. For both Marketers and Publishers, true data management, audience profile analytics and data intelligence services are the offered common benefits. In addition, CUBEROOT also allows marketers to utilize its already existing 3rd party custom segments to run marketing campaigns on a primary and re
targeting basis. On the other hand, the publishers can leverage the platform for content targeting and customization. This can also help in increasing their revenue by optimizing yield of their advertising inventory.

Data Privacy

However, access to the first and second party data is often faced with apprehensions. Clients are often sceptical about the security of their own data especially while working with third parties. More over, data security becomes a major concern when working with non local Data Management Platforms, which has the capacity to become a pain point in the absence of rigid data security laws in the country.

CUBEROOT, familiar with this drawback, helps clients leverage the services of a DMP with the option of private deployment (in-house DMP) in a highly-secured IT environment, enabling brands to maintain data protection and security within their secure premises. This of course is an additional exclusive offering besides the normal SaaS based model, which is the only model 95 percent of the other DMPs operate on.

Future Plans

CUBEROOT is all set to redefine the essence of DMPs in the digital advertising world. Currently in the process to create and launch the fastest Ad Exchange in upcoming months, CUBEROOT aspires to be within the realm of a handful of companies to lead the combined offering of a DMP and Ad Exchange.“Our aim is to become the most penetrated DMP not only in the Indian subcontinent, but in the entire APAC region,” concludes Atul.