Collectcent: Using Technology to Empower Advertisers with High Performance Advertising Solutions

Andesh Bhatti,Founder & CEO

Andesh Bhatti

Founder & CEO

As per the European Management Journal, for online brand marketing, acquiring quality customers and maintaining retention, tops the list of challenges for every company including Pepsi, Apple, Dell Computers, Wal-Mart and many more. This global challenge is not only limited to big companies but even for their midsized counterparts. Collectcent, equipped with its adept in-house technology and expansive experience, is helping companies reach their target audience, increase their sales, visibility and revenue by deploying its advertising platform and services through display channels on mobile and desktop. Their technology is especially designed to automate process and make decisions on live campaigns to provide optimised solutions for the advertisers. “Our tech savvy approach combined with customer centric ideation helps in acquiring quality consumers and a better churn rate. We have positioned ourselves for driving pure performance,” says Andesh Bhatti, Founder & CEO,Collectcent.

Leading the Brand

The Gurgaon based company is
helping advertisers reach their target audience. Collectcent offers high quality services to advertisers and publishers in mobile advertising backed with in-house platform for performance optimization through real time bidding (RTB), big data analytics, creative customization, and targeting based on location and device.

"Every day for thousands of mobile ad campaigns, Collectcent's platform makes hundreds of targeting decisions to deliver billions of global ad impressions. We lead in performance centric business model like cost per acquisition/sale/lead and cater to wide range of business domains,” adds Andesh. Since 2013, Collectcent has been highly instrumental in facilitating advertiser’s global reach with its advanced targeting and integrating mobile traffic suppliers.

Our Advertising platform analyses transactional information in real time for live campaign optimization decisions to achieve higher ROI

To ensure better results, Collectcent offers 24x7 professional support and consultation to analyse conversion ratio, click through ratio, click to visit ratio, and bounce rate among several others and pushes relevant traffic for the campaigns, optimizing them with in the advertiser’s budget.

Every Ad campaign by Collectcent is
designed with a focus on high ROI optimization. Their assorted services are backed by unique analytics system that considers the day, user’s device, its context and ad's historical performance; this helps in determining which ad to serve in which ad spot. Collectcent lays deep emphasis on deploying real time reporting that helps advertisers understand results and grasp a better control over their campaigns. These reports are customized for time zones, creatives and ad campaigns URLs to gather deep insight.

"Our Advertising platform analyses transactional information in real time for live campaign optimization decisions to achieve higher ROI", says Andesh. The company uses Big Data Algorithm built on Hadoop, R, SparkR and Python models to optimize the supply conversion by identifying most profitable campaign in real time.

Currently, Collectcent is one of the leading Mobile Adtech company managing 94 million clicks per day that it offers to advertisers and manages 7000+ live campaigns per day. It has established global tie ups with publishers and traffic sources across various industries like entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, news and more among several others for buying and selling traffic. A leader in the South East and South Asia region, Collectcent commands a strong presence in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Russia. “We are aiming at scaling our operations in North America, China and Australia,” concludes Andesh.